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Hey there, you may call me Tea. Whenever I am not neck deep in taking care of every animal underneath the rainbow, I'm usually out on our farm. Checking the chickens, feeding our goats, and making sure everyone is happy and healthy. I'm a huge derp. I'm shy, a little presentable, but respectable whenever it comes to conversation. It takes time for me to warm up to most people and working up the courage to private message others.

Comfy sweaters are my jam, antique lace, the color pink, and writing. I'm a carefree hippy-dippy child who would live off the land if I was able, and probably never leave the forests! Fairies are also a passion with me. Anything Victorian related will get my mouth going ninety to nothing! My characters are often bold and well developed with tied quirks to them that I've been told makes them stand out within a crowd.

As far as writing goes, I tend to stick to paragraph to paragraph+. Anything goes, if there happens to be deep, juicy plot attached to it. Curious? Strike up some conversation with me and we'll see how things go. <3

I do not deal with OOC drama of any kind. Blocking me because you are salty about slow replies OOC due to how my IRL is going is pretty damn petty. Especially when I am currently dealing with breast cancer woes. Seriously, shame on you.

Stalkers need not apply. You've been warned.

Rave Reviews

Tea is perhaps one of the best, and most wonderful, people I've ever met in my life! She's free spirited and so exceptionally talents at writing and character designing! All of her characters are vivid and beautiful, just like TEA! I love this girl to death and if you haven't RPed with her before, you are MISSING OUT Great sense of humor Creative ideas - savannahsage
Jacques (played by Tea)
Jacques is an incredibly vibrant and rich character, with so many little dips and emotions and facets that its impossible to find them all in one RP. While he may be snarky and grumpy, there's such an emotionally complex character beneath that grimace that I can not recommend enough that you RP with him on every character at every opportunity: You'll find yourself just as addicted to Jacques as your character will be to his wine. - savannahsage

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