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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28

Please do not instantly try and "friend" me if I do not know you, thanks!
Hey there, you may call me Tea. Whenever I am not neck deep in taking care of every animal underneath the rainbow, I'm usually out on our farm. Checking the chickens, feeding our goats, and making sure everyone is happy and healthy. I'm a huge derp. I'm shy, a little presentable, but respectable whenever it comes to conversation. It takes time for me to warm up to most people and working up the courage to private message others.

Comfy sweaters are my jam, antique lace, and writing. I'm a carefree hippy-dippy child who would live off the land if I was able, and probably never leave the forests! Fairies are also a passion with me. Anything Victorian related will get my mouth going ninety to nothing! My characters are often bold and well developed with tied quirks to them that I've been told makes them stand out within a crowd.

As far as writing goes, I tend to stick to paragraph to paragraph+. Anything goes, if there happens to be deep, juicy plot attached to it. Curious? Strike up some conversation with me and we'll see how things go. <3

I am not here to be guilted, berated, maliciously treated, or manipulated for roleplay. There will be times where any writing will be impossible for me. Depression often gets the best of me so frequent breaks are needed. I will try to be courteous whenever these spells hit to give my roleplay partners a heads up. DO NOT push me to roleplay with you and then guilt me into feeling horrible for declining. Be understanding, please. Life happens.

Keep OOC drama away from me. Furcadia is a place I go to for respite and relaxation. I am here to create amazing stories with people when possible. Not constantly be swiped up in bickering drama llamas.
I prefer long-term, plot based roleplay that centers around deeper story-lines for my characters. By no means instantly go for smut related scenes if this is the only goal. Slow burn-styled relationships are my jam.
My writing partners need to be 18+ both IC and OOC. No minors.
My characters all belong in The Golden Tether's universe. This is a dream located on Furcadia in FurN. All of their storylines, interactions, and details are to remain strictly within this world. No characters outside of it will be considered for roleplay.
Due to a recent issue with an obsessive player catfishing me, I am no longer accepting interactions from anonymous characters UNLESS I know the player behind them. Please respect this. Upon meeting you I will ask for discord information to keep in contact. By no means will your anonymity be exploited by myself. It shall be kept secret and confidential for the both of us.

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