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Well, where to begin?

I've graduated with my Psychology degree and currently looking for work, as a lot of people seem to be these days.

I'm British, more specifically from Liverpool, and I've been RPing for a while. I started on a place called Multiverse Roleplaying, which was mostly a sci-fi board set up by some guys who used to RP on the forums on the Sins of a Solar Empire game site. Unfortunately since our starting membership was quite small over the years the forum started to slow down and empty out and is now deleted so... a large piece of my RPing history is now consigned to the void.

The only thing to really say about me is that I love reading, sci-fi, fantasy, etc and that one day I have the wild dream of actually writing a few novels myself.

As you may notice with my characters, I have a tendency to create very few characters but craft entire worlds around them, which helps make them more detailed and complex but can sometimes make it hard to shift them to a different setting. Luckily the world-building often throws up numerous secondary characters that quickly take on lives of their own and become RP-worthy characters in their own right, though quite a few of these I've never actually RPed with so far.

If any of my secondary characters catch your fancy I wouldn't mind letting someone RP as them, so long as they don't claim the character him/herself as their own idea.

My thanks to Highjinx for translating my name into Japanese. It is awesome!

Kana: ネイサン
Kanji: 寧賛
寧- nei (peace)
賛- san (praise)

I'm certain I'll come up with more stuff to put here eventually, but that's it for now!

Oh! By the way, I'm red-green colour blind so if my profile's colours look weird or silly just tell me, I've probably mixed up my colours again!

Rave Reviews

Terel has an amazing ability to create extraordinarily detailed worlds complete with history, geography and fun NPCs that fit right into all of that. I have no idea how he does it, but the effect is wonderfully immersive!

Not only are his characters fun to interact with, even when they interact with each other in his RPs, it's a joy to read.

OOC communication with him always puts me at ease, he's very thoughtful and patient.

If you aren't RPing with him, you're missing out! :P - Alecia
One of the best worldmakers I have ever seen with great roleplaying skills and wonderful, believable characters. - azadorano

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