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A simple guy with a simple need. The need to rp!

Some things about me -
  • I tend to make novel-like backstories for my characters, but I am flexible. I can change them on the fly in order to match a setting or story better. As long as the basis for my character remains, I'm content.
  • As implied by the last point, I tend to prefer multiparagraph responses, both from myself and partners. Shorter replies are perfectly fine for things like dialogue or events that need it to keep the story flowing better. Just talk with me and we can discuss further.
  • I'm not afraid of approaching the dark and disturbing topics, so don't be afraid to expect it from me.
  • I generally prefer to fade to black when it comes to smut, so please discuss with me if you want that.
  • I am ghosting-intolerant! I try to avoid ghosting, and I expect my rp partners to do the same. If you need to take time off because of life or other reasons, all you have have to do is let me know!
Any questions? Just ask!

Rave Reviews

This writer is so funny and creative. I really enjoy his writing while we rp, but just as much his silliness when we're just chatting. His impromptu 'sales' in the ooc chat are the highlight of any day and always lead to fun and laughter. I hope I can continue to write with him for some time to come. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Dndmama
So, we aren't exactly too far into our story…but let me tell you I'm enjoying it so much. Every time I get a reply from them I sorta get super excited. I love their characters so…so much. I'm starting to get attached to isa a bit too much. I was even laughing at some dialogue she had, just goes to show how lovable their character is. Man what else can I say?…their active with replies has a great story, lovable characters. What's more to want Great sense of humor Fast responses - ILoveAlexTurner

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