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UPDATE: Okay, so RPR doesn't like running on my laptop and phone. Super laggy. Takes forever to load. I can't do much.

So, who am I?
Well, I am a streamer on Twitch going by the same name. Also, I have several social media sites. (All links can be found further down.)

I love talking with people, so don't be afraid to approach me. I don't bite! On the other hand, however, I am extremely shy about talking to someone first instead of someone coming to me and starting the conversation.

One thing I am a sucker for is fantasy and war. Don't ask why. I just like it. On the other side of the spectrum, I cannot figure out how to pull off a sci-fi RP. Dealing with alien races in a futuristic setting just never sat well with me.

Side note, I may or may not be trans. I totally am, to be honest.

What are my personal rules in RPs?
  1. I do not know how dice exactly work. Until someone gives me an in depth explanation as to how it all works, do not ask me to use them.
  2. I do try to avoid "useless one liners." This basically means something like this: "He smiled." I cannot see anyone being able to work with this, so I put in my best effort to not do that. Though, I can still pull one liners if I am creating a certain tone in the RP or if my RP partner is more of the one liner type.
  3. If there is combat involved in an RP and you want my doodle to lose a limb or break something, discuss it with me first OOC.
  4. Though I do not prefer forum RPs, I can still be open to the idea of it. However, if this is to happen, I do ask that there is a strict posting order and a limit as to how many people are involved. Furthermore, I prefer to keep a low count as to how many people are involved (Me and three other people at the most).
  5. Please, if you are fully fluent in English, I would like proper spelling and grammar. I can understand if there is the occasional mistake that was missed every so often, but I cannot handle it if the RP looks like someone slammed their face onto their keyboard.
  6. Rushed and incomplete* characters are not exactly ideal for me. By rushed, I mean that a character was quickly made in half an hour with a poor/no backstory that was made to specifically interact with my doodles specifically.
* Incomplete characters could possibly be accepted if there is enough information for me to work with.

My RP style!

During an RP, I use a third person point of view and will try to use at least one paragraph per response. However, I also try to adjust to my RP partner's posting length as well. Anyway, I do try to reply as fast as possible, but I do have things to worry about along the lines of school. If I do not say anything for a few days, shoot me a message asking if I am okay or something. I will most likely respond within the hour. Also, if it says that I am offline, that is most likely not the case I keep my phone on me at all times.


If you need to contact me on another site, here are the things I use:

Archive of Our Own
PokeHeroes (Pokemon gives me life.)
PSN: SinCentral

Rave Reviews

Always quick to reply and extremely fun to RP with. Always gives enough to work with and has a great sense of humor. My first BFF on the the site. She is amazing because of what I mentioned previously and you will love her and her characters. I know I do. - JoJoApples
Okay. I'm giving another Kudos to this guy because one, they are just the sweetest thing, so much fun to chat with OOC and I love their sense of humor and wit.

Also wanted to mention I knew Sinful before they realized they were trans. Because my other Kudos, uses the wrong pronouns.

Sorry! - JoJoApples

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