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Hey, thanks for taking a look at my profile, please feel free to DM me and ask about a roleplay, I'm currently in the process of setup so I dont have all my characters on here quite yet. However, in advance I'd like you to know that I really don't do cannon or fandom roleplays. except in certain circumstances, usually relating to me having a craving.

also this is blorg say hi

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Rave Reviews

This is such an interesting and adorable and sexy character. I really can't wait to rp with her. And don't even get me started on the writer behind her! Such a sweet heart! If I could give this person a hug in real life, I would give her all the hugs. Just all of them. As it is, you shall have to settle for my eternal adoration and appreciation. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Dndmama
Aegis (played by Thatnerdychick)
Aegis, the very soul of a true knight in the body made of iron and steel. What can be said about this very embodiment of virtue? Well, for one, that he's excellently played. Aegis' player keeps their posts quick and engaging, making them a blast to read without having to wait in excitement for so long.

Aegis has more going on than you might think. The man's journey to discovering purpose is an interesting one. I for one am eager to see where the stories will take him. Wonderful writer Fast responses - Pirate

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