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Hey, thanks for taking a look at my profile, please feel free to DM me and ask about a roleplay, I'm currently in the process of setup so I dont have all my characters on here quite yet. However, in advance I'd like you to know that I really don't do cannon or fandom roleplays. except in certain circumstances, usually relating to me having a craving.

also this is blorg say hi

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This one has been long overdue. When I first met her....I was uncertain about her. As I am with all new people who I meet and roleplay with. But as time went on and our stories grew....I saw someone I knew that I could learn to absolutely adore and still also enjoy making deep personal stories with! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Michonne
I don't think I've actually played much with this nerdy chick personally, but I have seen some of her characters in action and they're no less varied than they look. She's also generally fun to interact with overall and has a knack for inspiring hijinks. :) Creative ideas - Zelphyr

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