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I'm a writer of short stories, an avid world builder, and I'm experienced in character creation. I know that's not a whole lot, but there really isn't that much to tell. I love to chat, I love to build, and I love to make friends. OH! Also I love roleplay, ESPECIALLY roleplay. OH OH OH! I love marshmallows too. Almost as much as I love roleplay. Well... maybe a little more. But don't tell anyone else ok? It'll be our little secret. ; 3

Rave Reviews

Miss Blue Fox, or Saku, is an exceptional person and an amazing roleplayer with a vast imagination and great attitude. She's patient and informative, while still flexible and optimistic. Le blue fox definitely deserves a look at! - Kamizombie
Saku (played by TheAmazingBlueFox)
Saku has been one of my amazing friends ever since myspace time. She been loyal, trustworthy, and always there for me. She never abandon a friend. She also amazing writer and great to RP with.~ - PlatinumOverlord

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