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Gonna start referring to all my past trauma as “my lore.”

Theme Of The Day:

Hello, hello and welcome to the madness! I’m Cat, your master of magic and bullshiiiiiii...Can we say that word on TV?

Since this keeps happening, I’ll just say it. Guys, please don’t send me friend requests if we’ve never talked. If you wanna talk, feel free to send a message.


I have a gif-related problem, please forgive me.

A little about me...

I’m currently thirty-one years old, and I serve tiny humans all day long. One is five, the other is ELEVEN! (😭) and I would fight a grizzly bear for them. Due to this, I can usually reply fairly quickly, except on days they are driving me up the wall, or my brain just isn’t cooperating. I have an obsession with music, video games, books, certain foods (despite not eating much), and especially coffee. I am a coffee addict, and I do not apologize. 🤣 I love to role play, and a good role play will take up major space in my brain. I love to talk, but I can be shy, so feel free to send me a message if I haven’t yet! I promise, I don’t want to ignore anyone.

My life gets hectic. Sometimes, I’m not here or not posting for a couple days, be it posts or starters. This does not mean I am ghosting. It probably means my brain isn’t working. But seriously, feel free to send me a message. Chances are, I got caught up with something, likely one of the things listed below. 💚

Note: I have children, a partner, animals and a house to keep. (I have a cleaning obsession. I am Monica Geller. Except laundry. Laundry is the bane of my existence.)

This takes time away. I will return as quickly as possible!

I do all posting from my phone, and it is almost constantly logged in, so check my status to see what I’m up too, or if I haven’t updated it, feel free to just ask! I don’t bite, I swear!

Because I do all posting from my phone, it doesn’t offer the best for proofreading, so if there’s mistakes, I apologize but I do try my best.
A little about my roleplaying/Cat’s rules...

Fully Active RPs: 8
Semi-Active: 3
Spaces available: Closed, but always happy to chat!
Reply time: Utterly terrible. My brain is overwhelmed and overloaded.

1. I absolutely require detail and paragraphs. I post at least three plus, and hope for the same from my partner. I don’t expect novels or anything like that, as mine won’t always be. But just something that moves the story, or at least the scene, along.

2. I will not play with anyone under 18. The themes in my RPs are too dark for children. If I find out you are underage, I will be reporting you. Nothing personal, it just keeps everyone safe.

3. I will not do MxM. I have nothing against it, I just have zero experience with it.

4. Please keep IC and OOC separate. I encourage OOC chat, but just...separate from the story. I tend to talk a lot sometimes. 😅

5. I have no objections to violence, romance, or sex. I prefer to fully, realistically write out details of any love scene. I do not like to fade to black, so if you lead one of my characters into a sexual situation, be prepared to follow through or roleplay your way out.

I also love ✨drama.✨

Seriously. Throw it all at me.


6. I prefer human face claims. I love anime to death, but RPs run like movies/shows in my head, complete with music and drama. I just can’t do that with anime.

Notes, Not Rules.
I prefer to be the female within the RP, but I have been known to make a smooth talking guy every once in a while.

I'm also a talker. Once we get RPing, lots of ideas will begin forming and I want to be able to discuss them with you! I also just like to say hi, and ask how your day is going. Let's be friends, not just partners! :)

IMPORTANT; All my profiles are made on a cellphone, so any sizing issues while viewing, I am so sorry for! I do my absolute best with what I’ve got!


LIFE. HAPPENS. It is okay if you gotta drop out for a while. Try to give me a heads up, but if it’s not possible, I won’t be mad. Gimme a message when you’re able. I understand. ❤️💚
A Thing To Know!

I only have so much muse a day, and I suffer horrible depression and anxiety. Sometimes I can be bad for answering, I admit that and I am working on it, but I have a lot going on most days.

(This gif is literally my life.)

If you haven't received a post from me, I did not forget about you. It's just between work, and parenting, I only have so much to give. But you will get something as soon as I can get it out.

It may also be because I just don't know how I want to word this, and I won't send anyone something I wouldn't want to read.

It is also entirely possible that I forgot to hit send because I smoke too much. (Refer to gif above)

That said, don’t be afraid to give me a poke if it’s been a while!!!
A little about my characters!

•I’ve been doing quite a bit of overhaul, so not all profiles are ready or completed. I fiddle with them constantly. Some I have minor ideas for, others I don’t. I have open spaces as well! (Current open: 4)

•I am big on connecting characters if you are, all the way to putting names in profiles, with obvious discussion. However, if/until it happens, I may choose to participate with them in several RPs.

•I make all profiles and ship pages on my phone, so I do apologize if the pictures or gifs are huge. I do try, but I know it looks different.



Several open spaces! Let’s create!

Current Characters in Relationships/Unavailable;


Will absolutely make more to suit any kind of RP

Character relationship gifs made by me!

Hit me up! Let’s see what we can come up with!

If you’ve clicked all the boxes, or not, thank you for stopping by, and HAVE A LOVELY DAY! 💚❤️

Lots of love,
Kitty Cat.


Rave Reviews

Catalina is a very understanding person! Even though I had to end a previous RP, she and I have been able to create a new one. With that, her posts are well written, detailed, and she is very good with character romance. I can’t wait to keep writing! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Redrose
I am head over heels for Lydia!! She is deep in the best ways, an onion you have to peel the layers from to discover how sweet she can be. She is whimsical, funny, and puts her foot in her mouth on a constant basis. She's an absolute doll and she owns my character's heart completely. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Eros_Calls

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