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I haven't really done a rewrite of my character profile in about a yearish. Here is the updated version.

I like roleplay, I've done it as a past time going on five years now, and I like to think that I'm fairly good at doing it. I like writing very strange things, sometimes even completely unorthodox stuff, and trying out ideas that I haven't really got a comfort level with.

You'll find a lot of my idea posts are very sexual in nature, and this is because of an addiction to seeing how absolutely wack I can get in the erotica genre, going so far as to do things I haven't been entirely proud of writing. If you got a strange idea, I implore you offer it up to me. I'm not afraid of strange ideas.

I do whatever I feel like doing most times. Serious or smut. Male x female, male x male, female x female. I do it all, but I got moods I go in and out of. I try to keep my posts long and error free, but not always do I find success.

Anyways, that's the long and short of it.

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The roleplay we are in now is full with so much love and sweetness that I am scared that I am going to get a cavity from all the sweet! Haha, but besides that I look forward to every message and I hope we can do many more roleplays in the future. Stay amazing Thatguywhogames! - MarieSapphire
Kudos for you for being someone who makes me laugh
Kudos for you for being top of the line role player
Kudos to you for giving me the honor to Role play with you

Kudos to Thatguywhogames for being my friend! - MarieSapphire

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