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I haven't really done a rewrite of my character profile in about a yearish. Here is the updated version.

I like roleplay, I've done it as a past time going on five years now, and I like to think that I'm fairly good at doing it. I like writing very strange things, sometimes even completely unorthodox stuff, and trying out ideas that I haven't really got a comfort level with.

You'll find a lot of my idea posts are very sexual in nature, and this is because of an addiction to seeing how absolutely wack I can get in the erotica genre, going so far as to do things I haven't been entirely proud of writing. If you got a strange idea, I implore you offer it up to me. I'm not afraid of strange ideas.

I do whatever I feel like doing most times. Serious or smut. Male x female, male x male, female x female. I do it all, but I got moods I go in and out of. I try to keep my posts long and error free, but not always do I find success.

Anyways, that's the long and short of it.

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This dude is amazing at keeping an RP interesting. I absoulutley LOVE his character Jackson! He's quick witted and can always figure things out even when in the hardest of situations. Keep rocking dude ;) - SkullJack
The roleplay we are in now is full with so much love and sweetness that I am scared that I am going to get a cavity from all the sweet! Haha, but besides that I look forward to every message and I hope we can do many more roleplays in the future. Stay amazing Thatguywhogames! - MarieSapphire

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