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I am back and if you have an RP that might interest me, send a PM. I will try to start one of my RPs from my past or a version of one. If you have RPed with me before and have a favorite RP, let me know.

Here are ones that I have done before:

Magic Academy

You are a student in my school of Magic where you will learn how to use moves in MyWorld RPs (here and in Discord). You will start any Magic RP with a higher Magical Ability if you complete my classes.

MyWorld RPs

You are a character in my Magical Fantasy World. You start with knowing basic Magical Moves in a game of Rising to the Top (owning a country of your own design), Questing (exploring the land and collecting artifacts) or in A Village of your own Creation (gather enough characters to form a village and become a head of the village. Get married and all of the benefits therein and more. Have MyWorld creatures 'visit' your village and become a favorite pet or creature foe. These are dice games and rules will be set up before the game begins.)


Become one of the 7 Sins (demon/demonesses) or one of the 7 virtues (humans) of an academy where there is no real classes, just how to survive marriage and running a small kingdom of your own.

An RP line of your own creation.

Rave Reviews

I love her characters, her rps, everything about her. She is amazing and is very wonderful. I highly recommend rping with her, and give her 10 boats out of 10! Wonderful writer Long posts - CoyBoat275
This wonderful person really lives up to her writer's name. Tusitala2017 directed me to Creator when I was in need of help for my rp project. This lovely person got me thinking about things I had not thought of before, for my project. Not only that she went out of her way to create visuals for my project that she was helping me with. I didn't expect that from her, but I appreciate her help immensely. I'm slow with my project, but I hope you will like the results that you contributed to. Helpful Creative ideas - MasterWinter

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