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Hello dear new,or old friend and welcome to my trash corner I call my profile! I'm just now editing this to fit my personality more,had my whole style ya know? Anyways you can call me,just about anything appropriate,since I don't really care!
Anyways a bit about me! I absolutely suck at starting roleplays,most of the time,and I usually try to match how long your response is! Though some days it's kinda hard so please be patient since I usually keep my responses short,with enough detail to let you know what's going on. I will usually try to not do one-liners,but sometimes it happens,like I want to respond quickly,or nothing is coming to mind,etc.
I get really attached to characters I make,and will obsess with them for a bit,so sorry if you wanted me to use a different character,but I'm obsessed with another. Though if the plot of storyline depends on if I will use a different character.
I try not to ghost,but sometimes I get too anxious to say,hey can we stop I just don't find this rp interesting right now. So please bare with me on that.

Times I'm on-
Weekdays- 4- about 8 or 9 ish,depends tho,maybe to 3 now,since I found my charger.
Fridays or Saturdays- from like 8 am to 11 - 12:30pm, or around either of these times

Current Genre I aDOOR- Fantasy
Current Character I'm obsessed with- Lila or Ikiza

Also! Side note,I'm very flexible with all of my character's ages;But for characters like Lila,I can change her up a bit to fit the rp,or Mink,since they both either have human forms or were once/still are humans,or Tarynn. But Ikiza is the exception,because she doesn't have a human form. So if the character looks human,it can be altered.

Some knowledge nuggets about me, if you would like to read uwu
Some bands I like are
Guns n' Roses ( Paradise City is my all time favorite)
Twenty One Pilots
Rick Springfield
Michael Jackson
Gym Class Heros
Rag'n'Bone Man
Imagine Dragons
Avicii (May he rest in peace)
Panic! At The Disco
Bon Jovi
Marina and The Diamonds
Melanie Martinez
Faith Marie
Alec Benjamin
Billie Elish
Alan Walker
And the list goes on

Rave Reviews

This little adorable bean is amazing to roleplay with I love all her characters that we've rped with so far. She's really fun and amazing all should roleplay with her and give her more love. - Galaxy-Star
She’s an amazing person to talk to and to rp with, then she helped me out with longer lines. She’s a recommended rper and she’s very friendly, then we’re doing our first rp after weeks passed when we became friends, in return, kudos! - Foxy_TheWarrior

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