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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: April 24


Hello dear new,or old friend and welcome to my trash corner I call my profile! I'm just now editing this to fit my personality more,had my whole style ya know? Anyways you can call me,just about anything appropriate,since I don't really care!
Anyways a bit about me! I absolutely suck at starting roleplays,most of the time,and I usually try to match how long your response is! Though some days it's kinda hard so please be patient since I usually keep my responses short,with enough detail to let you know what's going on. I will usually try to not do one-liners,but sometimes it happens,like I want to respond quickly,or nothing is coming to mind,etc.
I get really attached to characters I make,and will obsess with them for a bit,so sorry if you wanted me to use a different character,but I'm obsessed with another. Though if the plot of storyline depends on if I will use a different character.
I try not to ghost,but sometimes I get too anxious to say,hey can we stop I just don't find this rp interesting right now. So please bare with me on that.

Times I'm on-
Weekdays- 4- about 8 or 9 ish,depends tho,maybe to 3 now,since I found my charger.
Fridays or Saturdays- from like 8 am to 11 - 12:30pm, or around either of these times

Current Genre I aDOOR- Fantasy
Current Character I'm obsessed with- Lila or Ikiza

Also! Side note,I'm very flexible with all of my character's ages;But for characters like Lila,I can change her up a bit to fit the rp,or Mink,since they both either have human forms or were once/still are humans,or Tarynn. But Ikiza is the exception,because she doesn't have a human form. So if the character looks human,it can be altered.

Rave Reviews

  • She’s an amazing person to talk to and to rp with, then she helped me out with longer lines. She’s a recommended rper and she’s very friendly, then we’re doing our first rp after weeks passed when we became friends, in return, kudos!
    -- Foxy_TheWarrior
  • She is always open to ideas. She is very sweet and kind if you want to edit her characters a bit for the rp, and very good storyteller and rper.
    -- BondJamesBond

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