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It wasn't me!

Oh you weren't here for that? You wanna talk rp. Well then. *pulls up chair and sits reversed* What did you have in mind?

Hi, first thing you need to know about me. I'm facinated in deep and thought provoking ideas. Wanna make a society where different anthro species work in different sectors? How very interesting? How about a demon society where the different species are ranked in terms of hierarchy? Oh now that I can work with. You want to do a very taboo story where any decent member of society would turn their nose away from you? Well I'm defiantly paying attention.

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EntityRaptor is a fun RP partner with vivid imagination and dynamic posts. It's always a joy to see a reply from him. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Anonymous
A wonderful writer, that keeps the flow of the story going. I would highly recommend rping with them! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Ohermichi

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