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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: October 20

Been sitting here staring at the damn screen for too long figuring out how to start writing this so hell, I'll start it like this.

In case no one really caught on somehow my real name isn't "TheHook16"
Its actually Matt but call me what ever, whether it be TheHook, Matt or Dumbass. There is also LilFella and... y'know what I best not say that one on here I may or may not get in trouble.

I live in New Zealand (thought this would be handy to sort out timezone differences too)

If I stop replying to rp's I am either busy or not to sound rude in anyway at all no longer I suppose "feel" for the rp, I will get back to it when I can but I will try not to leave you hanging for long its just I feel I do better in rps when I am actually into it at the time.


I usually draw my own character portraits and such however lately I have slacked off viciously due to a mix of can't be bothered, being busy and I currently don't have my drawing tablet handy let alone a functioning computer.

I shall however sort something out asafp I'm not sure if it's the same with everyone else but it grinds my gears when I don't know what a character looks like.

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