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Dear Valued Reader,

Please peruse the below provided resume at your leisure. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Writer of This

The Little Witch
Co-Author of Glorious Roleplay Stories

Location: AKST/AKDT (USA)
Discord: LittleWitch#2494

A keen writer of literate, multi-paragraph based roleplay. I specialize in sarcasm and moderately twisted OCs. My greatest strength is humor, of the dark persuasion. Even though the information provided is genuine, this is a mock kind of thing. Do not take it seriously. Do not take me seriously.

Various Chat Box Sites
  • Learned what RP was
  • Illiterate chat box style RP
Wetpaint dot com
  • Developed OCs further than a google image I liked & a name
  • Semi-Lit RP
  • Large Group RP
  • Semi-Lit RP —> beginner Lit
  • Tried New RP themes
  • Dodged ‘em sleazies
  • Began developing some OCs that I still use today
  • I needed something, since IMVU RP was pronounced deceased
Roleplay Repository
  • What A Blessing
  • The CoNnEcTiOnS!!!
  • Developed those OCs!!!
  • Quick and easy communication

Communication - It is important. Before commencing in a new RP story, I like to outline what our goals/hopes/desires are for this story. With new RP partners, I will go over sensitivities and draw what lines can’t be crossed for my partners. If I will be dropping off the face of the internet, I try to give a heads up - if it is impromptu, I will follow up my disappearance with a heartfelt apology. If I have lost interest in our RP, I will let you know.
Creativity - I like a challenge. I like new settings and themes. I like putting contrasting characters together and making them work for the story. I like developing my characters into beings you feel like you actually know.

Slice Of Life
  • Modern, human based society with hidden supernatural existence
  • Professions
  • Schooling
  • Residential
  • Prison
  • Violence
  • Illness/Injury
  • Substance Use
  • Disabilities: Mental&Physical
  • Abuse
  • I likey the nitty gritty
  • I am not squeamish, and I’m down for anything that could possibly happen in anyone’s real life, no matter how unpleasant

  • Violence/Gore
  • Abuse
  • Asylums/Hospitals
  • Hauntings
  • Murder
  • Southern Gothic
Fantasy & Magic
  • Medieval
  • Castles/Kingdoms/Royalty
  • Witches, Warlocks & Witchhunters
  • Fae Folk
  • Sirens/MerFolk
  • Elven
  • Vampiric
  • Lycanthropic
  • Pretty much any supernaturalness

Mystery & Suspense
  • See Horror!
  • Investigations
  • Murders
  • Theft
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Homewrecking
  • Stalking
  • Pregnancy/Illness/Injury
  • Trauma
  • Tragedy

Apocalypse/New Society
Survival Scenarios
  • Accidents: Carwreck, plane crash, boat sink
  • Stranded/Isolated
  • Abductions

Mild Romance
  • My OCs aren’t exactly the type from The Notebook...
  • LGBTQ+
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Cute flings
  • Obsessions
  • Sexual Content

I don’t RP from anime/manga, movies/TV series, books or video games. I don’t mind finding inspiration from these sources, but there must be original content, I don’t do non-original canon.

Smut Centered
While I do very much enjoy adult themes and I feel that sexual relations between characters is juicy, it must contribute to the overall story - which is not a porno. To clarify, I will write sex scenes and enjoy it, if it’s appropriate for the story, but I will not participate in a RP where the plot is only sex.
Historical Non-Fiction
I’m too dumb for historically accurate events, I am so sorry. Historical Fiction is different and I am open to it!

OC Death
I love my OCs, they aren’t dying till I am GOOD and READY to let them go.
Graphic Depiction of Abuse of a Minor
I don’t mind if it is vaguely alluded to, but I do not care to see it described in detail.

1st Person
Prefer only 3rd person

Hey, um… so like, thanks for reading!

Active Roleplays: 1

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Let's talk Rowen. Rowen, a stereotypically beautiful woman, is backed by the amazing storytelling capabilities of LittleWitch. A sexpot and playful lunatic hybrid, this bad babe is wrapped in layer upon layer of incredible personality. One moment, I'm laughing, the next, I'm crying. It's hard to decipher where Rowen will bring me, the reader, when the page turns again. She's undoubtfully hilarious, deeply flawed, incredibly well-rounded and amazingly well-spoken. Get your dirty paws on this one. - 13ee
LittleWitch is a fun, amazing, and amusing, writer who is up for anything. I am never let down by our writing. Rping with them is always a great time I would recommend to anyone. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TroyLocke

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