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I like to write stories, but with other minds pitching in half the work because both A.) I find what comes out of other creative minds to be intriguing and makes for a more interactive, interesting adventure and B.) I'm too lazy to create entire stories by myself. So, here I am.

I'm just the little witch I guess, nothing more nothing less. LW is shorter, call me what ye will. I have been role playing for roughly eight years by now using many, many different platforms before finding RPR. I've been with RPR for a year or two, and I think I've found my story writing home. I have nothing but compliments and good things to say about RPR and its community. My favorite types of RP are:
  • Modern Life (usually "real" life based human society with hidden supernatural flares)
  • Horror
  • Fantasy and Magic
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Apocalypse/New Society
I love creepy stuff. Give me the creeps in any of the above categories! Slather me up in blood and gore like jelly on toast!

I don't play many video games or watch anime, so I tend to stay away from RPs that are based on them, because I don't need to look more like an idiot than normal.

I am fairly active (but have a grown-up life outside of the internet world + lose my writing mojo every once in awhile) and I try to be as literate as I can be, usually tending to do paragraph RP. It depends on the RP and the flow of the posts but my responses can typically be two to six paragraphs with three to several sentences each. I don't mind mature content involving violence or adult themes. I don't do sex scenes, prefer fading to black and moving on with the story.

Please feel free to contact me, don't mind any sarcasm I may have and don't be a stranger! I am here to make RP connections and create deep plots!

Rave Reviews

Jordan is an amazing writer with a keen grasp of her characters and a highly creative mind. She puts great descriptions into her posts that not only drive the story but are irreplaceably evocative to the scene. You don't just read it, you feel what she's saying. Jordan's characters are beautifully flawed in a relatable, human way. I'm very glad to get to RP with her. - DarkonDreams
I love how detailed and specific she is with her RPs. It amazes me and I love that so much about her writing. She inspires me so much through her work. - TMRLover06

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