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Hey hey! ^-^
I am known around here as The Lorkeeper, but since that sounds more like a title (that I stole from a Pokémon character), please, just call me Rain. :]
I am simultaneously friendly and very shy; anyone can feel free to message me if they'd like a friend or RP partner, but be warned I will be an anxious mess until I get to know you better.
  • A chaotic little entity.
  • Pacific Standard Time, for anyone who wants to know.
  • I like video games. I think they're neat. :]
  • Ardent music-listener and wannabe music-creator.
  • Dragon Nerd.
  • I like reading and writing, but not as much as you might expect from someone on an RP site...?
  • I also have an interest in astronomy and botany.
  • I practice witchcraft. The real kind.
  • I have ADHD, which is relevant because it affects when and how I respond to conversations, RPs, and... life in general.
  • Fictional characters live rent-free in my mind on a constant basis. Most of them say hi!
  • Be gay, do crime.


(The basic things one would probably want to know about the way I RP.)
  • 1-5 paragraphs (2 average) depending on the circumstances.
  • Third-person POV only.
  • Past tense preferred, present tense accepted.
  • Doing my best at grammar (much better at typing IC than OOC.)
  • Response rates are consistently inconsistent (sorry!)
  • OOC communication is important and anyway, I like making friends with the people I RP with. :]
  • Will only RP here on RPR, not Discord or anywhere else (though if we're friends, I'm open to chatting on Discord.)
  • 1x1 RPs yes, small groups maybe, large groups probably not.
(The things I will and will not be okay with including in RPs.)
Heck yeah!! (My favourite things to RP.)
  • Sci-fi.
  • Fantasy.
  • Wholesome friendships.
  • Adventures.
  • General shenanigans.
  • Light-hearted or comedic stuff.
Probably! (Things I usually like to RP.)
  • Slice-of-life.
  • Dark topics (should be discussed beforehand to make sure everyone is comfortable with the specific topic in question.)
  • Found family.
  • Basically any other platonic kind of relationship.
A definite maybe... (Things I might RP, but would prefer to discuss first because they depend on a lot of factors.)
  • Fandoms (that I am familiar with.)
  • Romance (FxF, FxNB, NBxNB.)
  • Mundane modern-day settings.
  • Isekai.
Hmm... (Things I don't usually like to RP, but this is not a hard no.)
  • Combat scenes.
  • Romance (MxF, MxM, MxNB.)
  • Historical settings.
  • Horror.
Nope. (Things I will not ever be willing to RP. I can't be convinced.)
  • Sexual content.
  • Non-stop combat.
  • Extreme gore or body horror.
  • Fandoms (that I am not familiar with.)

Alrighty, that's about all I have to say. Ciao for now!
Take care of yourself, 'cause someone really cares about you.

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Whether it be in an actual RP or on the forum games forum, The Lorekeeper has proven themselves to be an apt and creative RPer. They definitely seem to be a pleasant person, and also have a collection of really interesting characters. They've also seemed kind and friendly from OOC RP setup chatter, so definitely someone nice to get along with. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Riik
This Lorekeeper is no short of awesome. They've got a fantastic sense of humour that blends in perfectly with their sarcasm. They're an absolutely amazing writer and they're my biggest inspiration. Honestly, if it wasn't for them, my writing skills wouldn't be as great as they are now. It's been so amazing to have the opportunity to hang out with them and build our worlds together... I don't think I could have accomplished what I have without them. 10/10, would roleplay with them again. :3 Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - GingerHades

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