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My number one rule: communicate. If you have a problem, tell me. I can not fix a problem if I don't know what the problem is.

Just an RP-addict on the internet trying to create fun and interesting stories, when I can.

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Although Lucky has pressed on my nerves, as he admittedly, tends to do to most people unintentionally, this man right here is amazing. You can tell him straight to his face how you feel and he tries to find a solution. Not only this but his overwhelming patience and solid loyalty makes it worth his faults that we all admittedly have. I've known him for a year, and I can tell you that I thirst for more roleplay then I've gotten with him so far. Lucky? Thank you for putting up with my bullshit <3 - Michonne
What a gem! I love the writing chemistry we have together. Honest to goodness, if you want a writer who will work WITH you, has fantastic ideas, creates marvelously detailed characters with an impressive amount of depth, and makes RP a real joy, you'll find those qualities in abundance with Lucky. I couldn't ask for someone more patient and understanding. I am so glad we met and I look forward to our friendship! <3 - Ariel

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