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Hello everyone! It is I, TheNightmareSavage! If you've found yourself here, feel free to click any collapses or links and give me some support! If you have any ideas about stories that you would like to do with any of my characters, feel free to PM me about it! Thanks!

Quick reminder to those that find me in the Forum Games, I may have 13 slots, but each slot has multiple characters (Except for Sentinel, oddly enough.) Feel free to check them all out if you wish!

My OC universe is a conjunction made with one of my awesome friends, EnderTNT123456, in a massive collaborative Dimensional Plane project, which helps us set up amazing stories (that I shall someday write about) and make amazing and inspiring characters. We also have worked together to make some D&D campaigns. They are nowhere near completion, and are mostly playtested with my friends, but feel free to ask about some of them between either me or Ender.

Cool Links! --> LinkTree

Quick Thing About My Characters
I have a lot of characters. With only 13 character slots, they are all sorted out in the character slots, most of them being in the Other People from Dimension D (OPFDD) slot. The Elemental Warriors slots each have 5 characters in them, accounting for 50 of my characters. In the OPFDD slot, the Past Heroes has 10 teams of ten people which accounts for 100 characters, and there are 38 characters in the Villains slot in front of them. There are also an extra 2 characters in the Past Heroes slot there as well. In the Honorary Nightmares list, there are 14 characters. In the Gods and Goddesses slot, there are 32 characters. In the Other Beings slot, there are 73 characters. In my semi-brand new Elemental Prophets slot, I have 10. Then I have my friend Sentinel, which counts for one. So, in total, I have 320 characters. Feel free to ask me about any of them!

There may be a few changes here and there as I update backstories... Be sure to check them out when you can!!

Thanks to The Hanged Man for an extra slot!

Thanks to The Hanged Man (again) for making artwork for my favorite sly guy Nightmare!
Thanks to Stevie4777 for making a portrait of Nightmare, Blasphemy, Spiritro, The Eye, Enervo, Freakenstein, Tsunami, Guardian, Glacier, Dragon Master, Steampunk, Dormentor, Lord Loud, Oobleck, Shadow, Cloak, Volcano, Firework, Jolenso, Rainbow, Battery, Starlight, Power Adapter, Tenso, Dubstep, and Pinstrike!
Thanks to AdoniVae for making a portrait of Crazy Head!

If you are taking some interest in my characters and would like to see them in a roleplay with one or more of your characters, feel free to PM me and ask about it. You can also find me on the following sites:

X-Box/Mixer- Nightmare10626
Discord- TheNightmareSavage#0849
Instagram- xx.the.nightmare.savage.xx
DeviantArt- TheNightmareSavage
YouTube/Twitch- TheNightmareSavage
Snap- dootdootlord (Please message me first! I'm planning on making a potential character story on there! Also will be available on Instagram in a short while.)

Now, a little bit more about me

1) My characters are all based off of lots of stuff, mostly Marvel stuff and mythology. They also reflect myself in more ways than one.
2) I am bisexual (I'll date guys and girls), and my characters are LGBTQ+ friendly as well.
3) I live in Iowa, located in the middle of the USA!
4) If you have anything that you want to suggest to me (music, ideas, etc.), feel free to do so! I'll listen to any music that you send me and I'll look at anything that you send me.
5) I'm a Boy Scout (Eagle Scout earned on 2/16/17) and I'm really helpful there, so I'm usually offline on Mondays from 6 PM to 9 PM.
6) I have a job, as well as school, so I try to be on when I can.
7) I'm basically a real-life bard. I play Alto and Bari Sax and I sing Bass in Choir. I can also play other saxophones if I can get my hands on them, but I only have the Alto and Bari for now. I'm hoping to upload some stuff onto YouTube in the future with it.

Roleplay Information

Fandoms I'm In
Marvel, Disney, Gravity Falls, Kingdom Hearts, Overwatch, Call Of Duty, Star Wars, Destiny, Descendants, Percy Jackson, Land Of Stories, Skylanders, Final Fantasy, Harry Potter, How to Train Your Dragon, Narnia, Star Wars, LOTR, Suicide Squad, Pokemon, Adventure Time, X-Men, MHA, Seven Deadly Sins, and others that I have not come up with at this point.

Status on Genres
Sci-Fi: Pretty good here. Base a lot of my stuff on this.
Fantasy: Yeah, the other half of the stuff I make is based off this.
Sci-Fantasy: Combine the above two genres and this is what you get. Love this genre since it's basically what I do all the time.
Adventure: Sign me UP! I love adventure stuff!
Modern: *sigh* I guess, but its less likely since I don't do well in this setting.
Romance: Again, it's a 50/50 shot for if I'm comfortable in the setting.
Horror: Nah, I'm good. Don't need to be spooked by my own imagination.
Gore: No. Not very comfortable with that kind of stuff.


EnderTNT123456: This dude right here is SO amazing! You like what I got here? Check him out. He helped develop some of my characters, especially Augury, Armory, and all of my main characters (first dudes in each profile.) You guys need to check him out!
Lazari-Not_IEPFB-: I'm gonna be honest with you guys, this person right here blew me away with their writing skills and they still do to this day. They've been an awesome player with great characters that challenge mine in mine and Ender's group. They've also been a pretty solid group mod with an eagerness to understand all that me and Ender have created. So, definitely go check them out because they are an amazing person and creator.
Tusitala2017: When I first joined RPR, I had trouble finding a roleplay that suited what I was interested in. I created some, but I never drew a lot of interest from other players. That was, until I joined Tusitala's group. They helped me get settled in and introduced me into the world of fantasy, allowing me to find ways and plan on how to adjust my characters for anything. I honestly don't know where I would be with my characters if I hadn't met Tus at all. Definitely go check them out, 15/10 would recommend for just about anything.
More to come in the future!

Cool Things I Did

Leave me a tell on ! It's all completely anonymous as well!


Rave Reviews

Nightmare is very positive, cheerful and supportive for everyone in the threads we're both in. It's very encouraging seeing a message from Nightmare because I know they will be happy and fun to talk with, thanks Nightmare! :D - Flareanthia
So I did one of these but I Feel like I should say how awesome this person is, we have over 2000 messages back and forth RPing and he is awesome at it, Rping with him will not be a mistake! - Wandering_Ender

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