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  • Gender: Male

Hello everyone! It is I, TheNightmareSavage! My friend deleted my other account accidentally, so I'm back again bros!

If you are taking some interest in my characters and would like to see them in a roleplay with one or more of your characters, feel free to PM me and ask about it. You can also find me on the following sites:

X-Box- Nightmare10626
Instagram- xx.the.nightmare.savage.xx
DeviantArt- TheNightmareSavage
YouTube- TheNightmareSavage

I'm a moderator on a group that I helped make with my friend EnderTNT123456. It's called Interdimensional RP and you can find it here. If you're interested, feel free to check it out and apply!

Leave me a tell on! It's all completely anonymous as well!

Rave Reviews

  • TNS... you are not only fun, but good at roleplaying. You create good plots and keep to the rules. I suggest that anyone reading this should message him and initiate a sure to be awesome roleplay!
    -- Lazari-Not_IEPFB-
  • This man, THIS MAN is wonderful to RP with. He is always ready to RP long into the night and sometime early into the morning. he brings new ideas and plot twist with everything he does. if you live for adventure and new ideas, this is your boi right here.
    EnderTNT123456 Out
    -- EnderTNT123456

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