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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: June 06

Hello everyone! It is I, TheNightmareSavage! My friend deleted my other account (GuntherSavage7272) accidentally, so I'm back again bros!

UPDATE My main characters' stat Cards are now complete! Now, I'm gonna finish up my friends in the Other People from Dimension D slot! Then, I'll start finding pictures for all of my character slot stuff! Woohoo!

Also, since I have only 11 character slots (Thanks The Hanged Man for the extra slot!) and about *punches numbers in calculator* 125ish characters, they are all sorted out in the character slots.

If you are taking some interest in my characters and would like to see them in a roleplay with one or more of your characters, feel free to PM me and ask about it. You can also find me on the following sites:

X-Box- Nightmare10626
Instagram- xx.the.nightmare.savage.xx
DeviantArt- TheNightmareSavage
YouTube- TheNightmareSavage

I'm a moderator on a group that I helped make with my friend EnderTNT123456. It's called Interdimensional RP and you can find it here. If you're interested, feel free to check it out and apply! (It's a bit down at the moment sadly. Me and Ender lost quite a bit of steam with it as he wasn't able to reply as often and I often replied too quickly. It may get started up again in the future, so go ahead and apply to join!)

Now, a little bit more about me:
1) My characters are all based off of lots of stuff, mostly Marvel stuff and mythology. They also reflect myself in more ways than one.
2) I am bisexual (I'll date guys and girls), and my characters are LGBTQ+ friendly as well.
3) I live in Iowa, located in the middle of the USA!
4) If you have anything that you want to suggest to me (music, ideas, etc.), feel free to do so! I'll listen to any music that you send me and I'll look at anything that you send me.
5) I'm a Boy Scout (Eagle Scout for 2 years, for those with curious minds) and I'm really helpful there, so I'm usually offline on Thursdays from 6 PM to 9 PM.
6) I have a job as well (hopefully going to get epic status in the future) and I usually work 5:30pm to 11pm on these dates: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday.
7) I'm a giant music nerd. (I'm in Band and Choir at school.) I play Alto and Bari Sax and I sing Bass in Choir. I can also play other saxophones if I can get my hands on them, but I only have the Alto and Bari for now. I'm hoping to upload some stuff onto YouTube in the future with it.

Leave me a tell on! It's all completely anonymous as well!

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  • A very enthusiastic and eager roleplayer with a large assortment of unique characters holding personalized traits that work great as a group. He knows how to join ongoing stories without disrupting the plots and undertakes new roles too. Dedicated and friendly to...
    -- Tusitala2017
  • Yo, this guy is amazing. He’s so creative and funny and you will have the best time role playing with him. He’s supportive and understands if you mess up. I really recommend this guy he is on 🔥
    -- Starwarsfan

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