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That'll be the day

I love 50's culture . I'm buddies with some people on this site (Megluvsart,UselessCatt,LillyBlack79,)

[]I love,
    Elder scrolls
    Horror rps
    The Dallas Cowboys
    Buddy Holly
    Ritchie Valens
    Akira Ifukube
    Star Wars
    Ask me something!

Seriously don't steal my stuff, I'll make you pay?

I've been a Cowboys fan my whole life and I have played the sport of Football my whole life too. I've been in Karate as a kid and some cross country in middle school. (Still playing football) I'm a big nerd for Star Wars and TES (I am with everything I like.) Feel Free to ask me ANYTHING, I'm not afraid to talk to strangers.

My Favorite songs for now

((All art drawn by me.))
Old cringey bio from a few years ago 😂😂

I mostly do discord RP, but I'm always down for character drawing and good old rp. Just lmk!!

Rave Reviews

TheRealRedHood is a amazing partner. I'm honestly alway checking messages for a response from them. There very kind and understanding. Honestly I can't list all the awesome things about the. Talk to them and Rp with and you won't regret. They are one one of the best partners. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - kungpowdragon23
He is very kind 10/10 - LittlequeenLisa

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