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That'll be the day

I love 50's culture . I'm buddies with some people on this site (Megluvsart,UselessCatt,LillyBlack79,)

[]I love,
    Elder scrolls
    Horror rps
    The Dallas Cowboys
    Buddy Holly
    Ritchie Valens
    Akira Ifukube
    Star Wars
    Ask me something!

Seriously don’t steal my stuff, I’ll make you pay?

I've been a Cowboys fan my whole life and I have played the sport of Football my whole life too. I've been in Karate as a kid and some cross country in middle school. (Still playing football) I'm a big nerd for Star Wars and TES (I am with everything I like.) Feel Free to ask me ANYTHING, I'm not afraid to talk to strangers.

My Favorite songs for now

((All art drawn by me.))
Old cringey bio from a few years ago 😂😂

I mostly do discord RP, but I’m always down for character drawing and good old rp. Just lmk!!

Rave Reviews

Very fun, and interesting to talk to. Hes always easy to respond to, as his responses, aren't TOO long, but detailed enough that they're easy to respond. He's very funny, and creative with the way he roleplays, and although I have only roleplayed with him in one roleplay, (which is still currently ongoing) I hope to be able to roleplay with him again, because I always anticipate his responses. I definitely recommend roleplaying with him :) - UselessCatt
He is very kind 10/10 - LittlequeenLisa

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