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The former leader of the Red Kings Gang has come to RP and have some fun!

[OOC: Hello! My name is Sean. I've been on here before a few years ago, but I'm back with a fresh new start.

I do have some rules that I need to address:

1. Please have some respect and some common sense when you message me. Don't start in character. I like to plan out a RP before we start.

2. No god modding. I like to control my own characters. It's no fun to control someone else's characters.

3. Please be literate. If you make a mistake in your replies, I understand. I've done that before. Just don't type something I can't read.

4. Don't spam me. I do have a life outside of this. If I don't reply, don't spam me with a lot of messages. I'll get to it as soon as I can.

5. This is a very important rule. We're here to have fun. Don't take the RP seriously. It's like a game and we're all here to escape from the world. So, please, let's all have fun.

That's about it. Thanks for making me feel welcome and hope you all have a wonderful day!

I also have Discord if you want to RP there.

Discord: Roxstar#2334]

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