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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: August 01

This is a W.I.P., so please bear with me! :3

You can call me Awn (short for "A Warrior's Nerd). As the name and my profile pic implies, I love the Warriors series, tho I just started reading the books a few months ago, I've basically devoured a third of them already haha

Random facts about me include:

- I love RPing

- My favorite genres are fantasy, romance (fxf only), and dark fantasy. I used to like sci-fi and slice of life, but not anymore. People change, I guess. :P

- I love watching YouTube, hanging out with my brother's cat (spoiler alert: I think she loves me more), listening to music, and hanging out with my gf IRL

- I'm a lesbian

- I have yet to play DND. Please don't murder me! Lol

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