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My name is Phoenix Wright and I'm a defense attorney! No matter how tough the case may be or how high the odds are stacked against us, it's my job to stand up for those who has no one else in their corner! I'll do whatever it takes to fight for the truth!


[OOC: Hello! My name is Sean. I've been on here before a few years ago, but I'm back with a fresh new start.

I do have some rules that I need to address:

1. Please have some respect and some common sense when you message me. Don't start in character. I like to plan out a RP before we start.

2. No god modding. I like to control my own characters. It's no fun to control someone else's characters.

3. Please be literate. If you make a mistake in your replies, I understand. I've done that before. Just don't type something I can't read.

4. Don't spam me. I do have a life outside of this. If I don't reply, don't spam me with a lot of messages. I'll get to it as soon as I can.

5. This is a very important rule. We're here to have fun. Don't take the RP seriously. It's like a game and we're all here to escape from the world. So, please, let's all have fun.

That's about it. Thanks for making me feel welcome and hope you all have a wonderful day!

I also have Discord if you want to RP there.

Discord: Roxstar#2334]

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