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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16

Status: when life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! get mad!

Hey! I'm just here to come out of my shell and try to do some rping/gaming! Before you get too indepth, if you just want to RP with me, I'll list what I do and how I do it.

Writing Style: I'm a mimic with limits. I'll try to copy your writing style, but there's only so much I can do with the information from a single sentence, and I'd end up adding in filler words if you expect me to get an average of a full page length each post. I really depend on connection between me and the people I'm rping with in order to get a good sense of theme. Of course, that means I'm also good friends with people I RP with!


    Sci-Fi- Okay, I love science fiction. Honestly, even if I'm completely swamped and drowning in RPs, and you com into my inbox with a cool scifi idea, I'll accept like an idiot. I appreciate ones allowing aliens more, but that doesn't mean I won't accept them!
    Medieval( and Fantasy)- Nothing is better then messing with the stereotypes in these. But I also do normals ones for those who enjoy playing in that type of world!
    Horror/Mind-I never appreciated hack and slash movies. I appreciate tension, stress, desperation, and so on. I also enjoy tricking characters into thinking there's a threat and turning them against eachother(read: TSOA).

    Romance- Hell has no fury like a forced chemistry. Please, don't expect me to be good at romance plots if cjarater A and character B wouldn't get together if it WASN'T a romance plot. If they don't have personalities that click, I'll feel dirty changing it just for a romance plot. That oit of the way, if it DOES work, then yes, I'm finewith romance.
    Modern- Depends on what type. I'll require more details before I get into it.
    Death- If it makes sense to die, they'll die.
    Fandom- I have plenty, but tell me. I may not have the one you want.
    Gore- Please, don't go super detailed. I'm fine with injuries, even major ones, but please. I prefer not getting squeamish.
    Erotica- I'm 15. Go away. There's an entire other forum for this.

There's a list of questions the tutorial wants me to answer so I'll do those because otherwise I'll nervously vomit words into this that have nothing to do with introducing myself.

Me Stuff
I do not have any pets, but my friend has this cute snake named Abby. I enjoy mythology and ELA. I work at my local science museum and I petsit/kidsit. I've always wanted to become a professional chef.

RP Stuff
I just realized I should add some focus to this on the case of RPs, so, I love all genres, except I have a soft spot in my hear for Sci-Fi because it really allows me to be creative. I'm also very flexible on combat, and I usually try to make puns and be a bit silly instead of super serious in most rps, although I can be serious. Freeform RP is my favorite kind, but I enjoy mostly all gaming systems I've played so far. I just want to have some good quality RPs here, I guess! I've been RPing for pretty much the entirety of my life. I just easily slip into characters like a mask.

I also do pixel-art, so feel free to ask me and I'll be happy to make some for you!

"No lie you can come up wifh is worse than a truth told with ill intent."
how did I get this

Rave Reviews

  • This guy is an amazing role player. Probably one of the best I've played with in a while. He's kind, creative and always makes u smiles whenever you get a message back. He takes the time to play with you no matter how short your answers are. He understands you and...
    -- Starwarsfan
  • This dude is SO amazing to RP with! I don't know where I would be if I didn't see one of my friends here befriend TYB. They honestly have brought a lot to my Neutral Faction in my first successful project group on here and it makes me happy to see his replies!
    -- TheNightmareSavage

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