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Hi, I'm James, but otherwise known to some as "Q" and others "Almighty," either way I'll respond.

I am a gamer of most genres (Except horror, although I have played and LOVED Alien Isolation), but I usually play strategy, puzzle, or platformer games such as OneShot, Ori and the Blind Forest, Danganronpa, Fire Emblem, Transistor, etc... I have been roleplaying casually for roughly 2 years now and I have found that this site is one of the best that I've been a part of thus far.

I should mention that I am not an author and mistakes happen in grammar, this is a hobby of mine, not a profession or career. I try my best to be a descriptive as possible without over-explaining every minute detail. All I ask is to not be overly criticized, but constructive criticism is always welcome by my standards.

Personality wise I can be quiet and distant at times for a number of reasons, but I listen well to others and try to help with concerns and worries others might have (I'm the person that you can come to for real talk and for words of comfort).

I draw inspiration from a variety of sources (Books, Shows, Video games and Web comics) for each character I make. Feel free to ask me just about anything if you have a question or concerns involving a character, RP, or just real talk as I check RPR as often as I can. And that about sums me up!

I currently have 5+ RPs ongoing. If I'm a little slow to reply just assume that I'm going through my lists and will get to you ASAP. I am not currently looking for RPs unless I msg you or reply to a forum post, but I am welcome to brainstorm RP ideas (for potential later RPs) at almost any time, so shot me a PM if you want, but don't expect our ideas to instantly develop into a RP between us or a group.

*Just because it says I'm online doesn't guarantee I'm actually online, I have a tendency to fall asleep while on my computer so it may have just been left online.*


Going through school and a lot of real life problems with myself and my friends. I'm okay, but I'll mostly only reply on weekends.

For everyone engaging in an ongoing RP with me I'm sorry for this sudden change, but my muse has changed and I need more time. Thanks for staying patient and understanding.

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Almighty is almighty. He is a very solid writer, and his characters are really interesting as well, some ideas he has also drive me to make cool concepts as well. An extremely creative person to have as a friend or just sit down and chat. Try an RP with him, you won't regret it! <33 - koobler
Heeeeeey, this is my best friend. He's just very nice, okay? I have a hard time opening up to people but not this guy. We don't rp much, but that's fine. He's still nice to hang out with and play Cards Against Humanity with. Although, if you go for the latter, he's gonna win. But yeah, he's always willing to talk about anything and also just be cool... so yeah. That's not it, I'm just intimidated by his awesomeness. - Light_Of_Love

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