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I shall start with the concrete facts because otherwise I'd be throwing opinions about, and however important that they may be, opinions are like butts, we all have them, they stink, they offend when used in public, and of course, no one wants to hear them. So, opinions aside these are the facts.

Nǐ hǎo, I'm Andelu. I am a Jiang Shi as you can see in my picture, 200 years old, male, I draw, I write, and have been diagnosed dead, with Aspergers' Syndrome, ADD, and ADHD. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I've been called many things in my life varying from genius to idiot. I've been compared to some other things similarly ranging from, a Good Samaritan to the Antichrist. I'll leave it to you to develop your opinions of me.

Ones self image can only be accurately derived from others perceptions about himself.

I truly will love back those who love others.

I am a person who tries his hardest to keep Agape alive. I consider myself extremely sensitive. If I say something actually hurt me it did. I have social flaws, but chances are you do too, Get over it. I do not conform for the sake of being liked, I do the opposite to be liked. No one in history as far as I know was remembered for being normal. So why should anyone else?

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