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STATUS: Life is ruffffff

Yo yo yo! Just your average nerd who loves to rp. I mostly do mxm but will occasionally do other pairings. I also really love dark and taboo themes. If you want to rp or even just chat about whatever, don't be afraid to hmu! I promise I'm not gonna bite ya too hard ;) . I also have an art page on insta as ppink.v0id if you wanna check that out.

Rave Reviews

Thegreatunknown is a wonderful RP partner and it is very fun to talk with them outside of the rp as well! They are worth the wait and I am pretty sure I will never stop having rps with them! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Aggy1231
Amazing roleplayer and very communicative and open to ideas. Absolutely love role-playing with this awesome person. I love how our two characters work so well together.
#GarCole. - Oliver-Wendy

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    First of all, by no means is Unknown limited by the two qualities I chose for them. I genuinely believe you could fit under all of the tabs a kudos has to offer! It's so hard to find someone so honest about their troubles, who can ommunicate effectively with their partner. For that reason I believe you deserve the highest honor I could give. A fragmented and truly shambled kudos that pales in comparison to what I actually think of you. Every message from you brightens my day - best wishes ❤️ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    (About 3 weeks 6 hours ago)
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