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All credit to Demilicious


About me

Hey, there's not too much to tell about me really, I'm a student studying archaeology that's probably got a bit too much free time on their hands. I'm on the site a LOT, but I can't always promise to be available during that. My schedule is a little bit erratic, so sometimes that I'll be online for a while then completely disappear for a few hours.

Erm I'm always up for chatting so if you're around feel free to drop me a message and we can chat about nonsense for a while. I don't bite. I might not always be able to rp with you, especially as I am devoting a lot of my time towards Dead Galaxy and getting that beast properly running, but if I've got some spare time I'd love to get more rps going.

I do draw some pixelart for my friends and those I rp with, however, it may come with an erratic schedule too, mainly cause I'll go through two or so weeks of no inspiration then suddenly get 3-4 out all within 2-3 days. But if you are rping with me I will do my best to get you one done at some point.



Rave Reviews

  • Not sure if I wrote kudos for Theo yet? If I did, have another one.

    Theo is full of ideas and inspiration. Overall just a fun person, with many qualities that makes him a great roleplayer!
    -- Spook
  • Theo is wonderful person, he cheered me when I was down in official chat, heck even believed in me, a person that he didn't know back then, from what I've seen he definitely has talent in writing, check him out.
    -- RimCaster

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