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Okay, wow, its been a while since I edited this, well for starters, the names Theo. Feel free to use it, I'm not shy about people knowing my first name.

If you're reading this I want to give you a great big hello! Thanks for checking out my profile, what there is of it. I'm a fan of lots of genres, but mainly take pleasure in writing action/adventure stories. My favorite three genres are fantasy, steampunk, and sci-fi of which I'm very heavily in the Sci-fi camp at the moment. That doesn't mean I'm not willing to play the others, just that in whatever replying time I have I'm far more likely to respond to a sci-fi one.

I'm also a massive fan of stunning scenery and the ocean, so you'll almost certainly find me trying to slip one or the other into every rp I'm in.

Other than that I'll say I'm around a lot, but that doesn't mean I'm always the most attentive, I've got a lot of stuff going on IRL and I'm not the best at remembering. So if I don't reply for a while feel free to send me a PM to remind me that it's my turn to post. Right now I'm more free than not so I'm willing to take on a few more rps, but I'm not sure how many I can reasonably do.

Apart from the stuff I've put here I'm not really big on doing much with my profile, I tend to prefer getting to know people more privately via OOC, I'm kinda socially anxious like that. In fact, I'm extremely socially anxious so please bear with me on things like that.

Other than that I'm much more of a third-person multi-paragraph rper, so sorry if I turn you away due to post length, I just much prefer playing with that style. Also I don't do smut, period. I can and will do fade to black romance scenes, but nothing beyond that.

One other thing is I'm also far more into creating an oc specifically for the rp we do, so please do take into account that 90% of my current ocs on this site are old and not updated and I will probably be creating a new one for the rp, unless any of the current jokers catches your eye. The other thing to note is that any Pixelart on my profile is drawn by me, anything else is not. (Although there's not much pixelart here cause I spent 90% of my time drawing it for others)

I think that's all, so I'll sign out by saying its wonderful you took your time to read my post and if you do rp with me I hope you enjoy it.

Rave Reviews

  • Though our RP has only just begun, I'm already finding myself excited to continue our adventure! Theo is a joy to both write with and simply chat with, and I enjoy having someone who shares my enthusiasm over the silliest RP things. He has a way of engrossing you...
    -- nineforalostgod
  • Theo is the first person I've ever written with to actually make me tear up with a post. Need I say more? Okay. His prose is impeccable, engrossing and poetic. His characters are depthless, complex, charming and tangible. I find myself thinking about them like people...
    -- Petrovalyc

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