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Hi All!

I've Been Roleplaying for long, long time, but I don't really feel like that makes a difference in player quality- new players can be just as awesome as old hands.

I'll play just about anything, so long as the players are friendly and the characters aren't huge douche-canoes all the time. That being said, I prefer roleplays that have a lighter tone most of the time- occasional sadness or drama is great, but I'm not a huge fan of apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic type deals. I also favor mid-to-high level literacy in my roleplaying partners- Capital Is are my jam.

I work a lot, so I'm not available all the time, and when I am I usually have a limited time-frame, so I can be slow to post or tend to favor quickie roleplays. That being said, I write pretty quickly and I tend to favor three-to-four paragraph posts, so if you're okay with waiting for a while I can give you some substance.

Rave Reviews

There isn’t a negative thing about this person that I can name. One of the sweetest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, Thema is not only a wonderful person, but an excellent writer as well, and every warm, fuzzy character vibe is like a ray of sunshine straight to my heart. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - CrystalDisc
Themascura is an incredible writer, and her creativity seems boundless. She reflects your characters through her own character's eyes in thoughtful and unexpected ways, and exposes facets of them you'd never think to otherwise examine. Her characters are often incredibly kind, and you'll never be short of warm fuzzies while playing with her. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Jabberwookie

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