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  • Gender: Female

Hi All!

I've Been Roleplaying for long, long time, but I don't really feel like that makes a difference in player quality- new players can be just as awesome as old hands.

I'll play just about anything, so long as the players are friendly and the characters aren't huge douche-canoes all the time. That being said, I prefer roleplays that have a lighter tone most of the time- occasional sadness or drama is great, but I'm not a huge fan of apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic type deals. I also favor mid-to-high level literacy in my roleplaying partners- Capital Is are my jam.

I work a lot, so I'm not available all the time, and when I am I usually have a limited time-frame, so I can be slow to post or tend to favor quickie roleplays. That being said, I write pretty quickly and I tend to favor three-to-four paragraph posts, so if you're okay with waiting for a while I can give you some substance.

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