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I'm a quiet type of guy who likes cute stuff, especially cats and also has interest in video games and I'm an artist. Also I'm a Christian that believed in Jesus Christ. I'm not interested in sex rp, and gore rp, because that is uncomfortable for me.

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We just started writing together earlier this week in an open roleplay. I responded to an open prompt and with no planning and almost zero OOC communication, we've gotten well on our way to starting a great game. The pacing has been just right and Kino keeps things moving without lingering too long or rushing scenes forward. I look forward to seeing where our adventure takes us. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - AgentMilkshake
Theyakate is possible one of the longest roleplay partners I have, and we are still writing! I am very grateful to them for being understanding and for sticking with me basically since the start of my RPR adventure. I am glad to be still writing with them. They're an amazing writer and I hope that others will get a chance to experience their awesomeness. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Galaxy-Star

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