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I can be fun, sarcastic (at times). I have many different muses that likes to come out to play, but the more popular ones are coming here to grace ya with their presences. I hope we can all get along, or not--- depending on the character. I would like to think of myself as a friendly person and someone that is easily approachable. I prefer to discuss storylines rather than to just jump into things--- though I can do the latter as well.

I don't like one liners or semi, I prefer to keep full paragraphs and correct grammar (unless the character I am portraying has a certain type of dialect). I can go as little as a paragraph and as much as ya want to go. I am a type of person who tries to reply back with what I myself am given.

I like angst and gore in my storylines. The darker the better sometimes. I would much rather have this than happy go lucky. For me I can get very bored when it is just happy all the time. I hate drama , unless it is in character and helps with the storyline.

I like to have everything lined out so things can get started. Don't be afraid to private message me (or however that works) I'm new.

Oh also I am quick to reply, typically. If something comes up I will always let people know.

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