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You are greeted by a man wearing a scruffy gray jacket, worn jeans and a maroon blindfold, partly covered by dark brown hair. He looks up to you, as if he could see past his blindness and smiles.

Hello traveler! Welcome to my tiny corner located on the great realm of RPR!

Might I ask how you came by? I presume you must be lost as you're so far away from Forum Forest. It's down there, by Community Central. But please, the journey is long and mayhaps dangerous, take a load off and rest a spell. I'm no brilliant host but I have a few topics I can tell you about.

Do you know who I am? Oh, stupid of me. Of course you don't. My exact name is not important, but you may refer to me as The Creator. The creator of what? Why, my greatest and most prized possesion. The Vexicanum. A universe filled with people... quite like yourself. I would love to tell you more but I don't think either of us have the time.

Have you met my disciples? Funny little things they are. But I love them all oh so dearly... If by chance any of them look interesting to you, leave them a little note. I'm sure they'll be happy to tag along with your journey.

A friend of mine, Thorn Drayton, have you met him? He's a nice chap, I think. As I was saying, he from time to time does some drawings of various things, from The Vexicanum related art to any old bits he can come up with. He is by far no professional, but if you wish to see what he has done then simply look here.

Well, I'm afraid that is all I have to say. Take care on your adventures and have a great day.

The man waves and smiles at you as you leave him be.

Rave Reviews

The Creator is really wonderful! His characters are really interesting with a rich history and The Vexicanum shows an obvious amount of thought, planning, and good skill. If you're at a loss, let him show you the way with his epic measure of skill! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Laineie
It has been over three years since I gave ThornDrayton his last Kudos-We now have over Thirty Nine Thousand RP posts between us. He and I share five stories, we have one that has come to a conclusion, and we're just about to start a new one, and each one is completely unique and yet deeply intertwined. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life role-playing with him some more. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Laineie

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