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About me? OOCly? Hm.

Okay, well the obvious basic thing is that, yes, I am male, and the age up there is correct. I'm about 6' and have a bit of a list when it comes to life problems. I try not to let most of them get to me and get by the best I can despite it. That said, I am currently struggling with a recent development of anxiety and have been fighting off depression alongside it, and that's made finding and sticking to a job difficult, when I can find one. I am trying to persevere, however, hoping to get through the darkness and run into the light at the other side. But we'll see.

I like to think of myself as friendly, approachable and respectful to people who are of like mind and intent. I don't go out of my way to make enemies, already know enough people who take shit too far, I don't need to add to the drama train that is an asshole on the internet. I do have a partial bias towards females which extends beyond the typical "Oh, he's a guy, he's obviously into women" rhetoric, but that doesn't mean that I can't relate to guys either, I just find it easier to relate to women in general because of my past and upbringing. I also hate the kind of guys who just believe in sex objects, not women, so if you're that kind of guy and reading this: Go away, and thank you. :D

Which probably brings me to my stance on life. I consider myself an equalitist (and if that isn't a word I'm making it one - leave me alone you spellchecker): Everyone should have a chance in life to be themselves and nobody else should control what any one person does without legitimate reasons (comes from understanding the point of a hierarchical structure while also understanding that it shouldn't apply as equally in all cases of life). I am also logically minded: I understand things when they make logical sense to me, and find it easier to portray and relate to characters of a similar mindset. As for those who ask religion: Somewhere between atheist and agnostic, I haven't quite decided yet, since my belief there is "There is no God, and if there is, he stopped giving a shit centuries ago."

I also operate on a simple policy: Actions speak louder than words. I can spew all of this mess about how I'm a friendly person, how I can relate to people and empathise with them, how I am comforting and caring to friends and cheerful and jovial among good people, how I have my own problems and sometimes that gets in the way of me being capable of being myself sometimes, but ultimately, this blarb is fluff: Things I believe I have seen in myself or things others have told me and I've accepted as truth. The best way to get to know me is to get to know me, and I don't bite friendly people, so you probably have nothing to worry about if you read this far.

Only thing you might need to fear: I rant. A LOT.

I started RP in a little nowhere place called Teenspot (back when I was - shock horror - a teen), going around with some daft names. Though I did make the name Zackar back then (as well as an extent). I was an idiot back then. It did help to get me into character design, however, and that translated over to when I started RP in forums. I mostly got the best of my experiences there in two places: First is Land of Mystics, where I roamed under another name, and this is where I tied Tiamos' natural element to that of water and learned a lot of very tough, but necessary, roleplaying tips from the people I met there. The other is The Light Within, where I went under the name of Skar Fenoris and had honed what I learned previously into a new character that people seemed to enjoy interacting with.

After the decline of forum RP for me, I got involved in WoW. And while I had been curious for some time about WoW RP, I only got actually interested when I discovered a comic called Beyond The Tree (unfinished, but well worth the reading if you have the time). I brought a character I originally created for forum RP, Enyon Valir, into this WoW RP in Earthen Ring EU, as well as Tiamos Loren (largely as he is known now) and some new characters such as Fugor Windhammer. From this foundation of character variations (as well as some that I made Horde-side) I started around this time working on collecting a variety of characters and compiling them into a cohesive world that would come to be Livarencia Quest. It's something I'm still working on.

It's far from an extensive list of RP, of course, and I have roleplayed in quite a few places and even participated in the odd D&D campaign, but of the biggest influences to my writing and characters, those above would be pretty much the highlights.


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I haven't known this guy for long but I feel like he's someone I've known for years. He is really level headed and sweet, and a real treat to rp with and talk to. He deserves waaay more kudos than he has already. - Healthbar
Another year gone, and here we are still. We've been through so much both in our own lives and with each other. Unfortunate circumstances all but put a stop to any RP that we had going on, but RP is not what's important with us, is it? We've been friends for far to long to let a lack of RP stop us from being friends. Even though things still get tough at times, this person is still there for me when nobody else is. Listening to my repetitive venting. Thank you for everything. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Auron

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