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About Me

Hey, I'm Tief! 20-something trying to figure out her life, roleplaying to escape the mundanities of said life. Connoisseur of Dragon Age lore, random horse facts, true crime podcasts, and third-person-limited supremacy. DnD player in my spare time.

Am quite new to this style of roleplay, so updates will be frequent.

Writing Style: Third person limited POV, past verb tense, English only, long form, many paragraphs, descriptive text, inner monologues, in private Discord server or RPR forum

Genres: High fantasy, gothic fantasy, gothic horror, superhero fiction, coming-of-age, FxM romance, political intrigue, psychological, character study, trope deconstruction, slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers, Regency, Victorian, historical fiction

Fandoms: Dragon Age, Dungeons and Dragons (Forgotten Realms), Young Justice (TV series), Marvel Cinematic Universe (Pre-Endgame), Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Blue Lions)

Boundaries: Sex scenes are fade-to-black, storylines are planned in advance, romances are consensual IC and OOC, gore and violence is non-gratuitous unless meant to be disturbing, IC is separate from OOC , writing partners are 18+

  • I love communication! It is fundamental to the human experience and my mental health! I am not here to offend or override anybody, so please talk to me if any hurt feelings or misunderstandings come up!
  • I enjoy darker, edgy, dramatic stories. I'm not afraid to cause chaos in a story. I crave organic, dramatic relationships; rivalries, emotionally charged romances, mortal enemies. I enjoy intensity in storytelling and will push the narrative in that direction generally.
  • Custom settings/worlds I will ask a lot of questions about. I tailor my characters specifically to settings, so I need as many details as there are on offer. World-building those details into existence I am up for!
  • If having photo face claims/artwork in character profiles is a must-have for you, I will not be a good fit. Copyright is tricky business on artwork, taking photos and writing with someone else's face is too close to scammers for me, and I have a whopping 2 commissioned art pieces to my repertoire, one of which I will not use as it was a gift for a friend. Links may be provided on profiles for pictures/artwork of what I picture my characters looking like, but it will not be uploaded to RPR directly.
  • My posts, depending on length, can go range from being posted hours after yours to days between. I prefer to post multiple times a week, even multiple times a day if possible. Writing partners ideally would post at absolute minimum once a week.
  • Some of my characters are tailor-made for specific settings/plots, others are intended for freeform in anything I want. There are specifics about them I will keep consistent across RPs, but I leave open room for different relationship statuses/priorities/powers/setting lore. Doesn't diminish what is happening in our RP, but end of the day, my vision for my characters will be what goes onto their profiles.
  • Please feel free to request one-off test scenes if you're unsure of my characters in play, my writing style, our compatibility, or whatever reason. I would be happy to write with you, especially if it helps you feel more comfortable with me/my characters.
  • I'm ghost friendly! If its been two weeks since I heard from you, especially in regards to our roleplay, I will assume you've lost interest - and in all likelihood, I have to, so no harm no foul!

Availability: Weekday afternoons-midnight, spotty on weekends

Wishlist: Slow-burn, enemies to lovers FxM romance in a high/gothic fantasy medium-high magic setting, long form, multi-paragraphed storyline with 1-2 writing partners

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