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Hi, I'm TinyPuddleGhost but you can call me TPG. I've been a fan of rp since 2012-2013. I have a variety of characters that range from humans to animals as well as other things. I'm an artist and programmer who does writing as a hobby.

I'm relatively flexible when it comes to roleplay plots, however my favorite plots tend to be romance, slice of life, as well as fantasy. I do love to mix plots sometimes though, the more interesting the better. As long as it doesn't go against my guidelines I'll rp it with you.

I'm excited to meet new people here, feel free to message me, I promise I won't bite

Roleplay Guidelines

- I tend to write at least a paragraph but If need be I'm completely capable of writing more, I don't care much for punctuation though as I'm not very good at it.

- Do not ask me to rp anything with the topics of rape/pedophilia/etc. If you do you will be blocked

- Gore is fine with me

- If I don't respond for a while (as in like days) I probably just forgot. Just shoot me a message and I'll get right to you lmao

- I am okay with onscreen sexual content, however, you have to tell me before the rp starts if you want it to happen at some point (or let me know ooc). I've had bad experience with NSFW rp and now need assurance that my partner is comfortable with/is planning to have onscreen sexual content.

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