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This is my humble page, I try to keep it nice and tidy. My characters usually come up one at a time so I can finish their profiles the best I can before moving on, but if you happen to want to roleplay but don't see a suitable character just shoot me a message and I'll see if I have any in the archives for you!

I'm 19, and have already graduated high school. I don't plan on going to college as I've already started my job and am fully licensed as a Realtor. I'm taken by a very amazing boy who is the Cryptid I always dreamed of dating! As of now, March 2020, I am working from home due to the quarantine so I will be able to reply pretty much all day so long as I don't sleep in! I'm in the PDT time zone if that helps you see how much we'll be able to go back in forth in a day.

Typically my roleplays are medieval high fantasy, though I am open to negotiation. It's just that those genres are my specialty and what I'm most comfortable with!

Mature themes
I am totally okay with mature themes in a roleplay, if my partner is 18+ of course. Sexual content, as long as it makes sense and is not just thrown in willy nilly I'm fine with and welcome! Violence, gore, psychological issues, trauma, and abuse are all okay so long as it isn't minimalized and treated like it isn't a real issue OOC. Many of my characters suffer trauma but I'd never want to diminish the very real impact it has on real people it's happened to. Swearing is also alright, in case that was a point of worry.

Favorite Tropes
Just some tropes I absolutely love! I'd love to incorporate some of these if possible!
  • Characters with self destructive tendencies who slowly care for themselves because they love someone
  • Big strong characters who are scared/hesitant to touch or hold a smaller character for fear of hurting them
  • Characters who hide their face falling in love and making any excuse to see them with their face hidden and without, so the person they love doesn't know they're the same person
  • Characters who act cocky/flirty but the moment someone begins doing it back to them they melt
  • Tracing old scars with the tips of their fingers/kissing them

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