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Welcome to The Mess

Replies are expected every Wednesdays. If I haven't gotten back to you then just drop me a message. (:

Heyo! I've changed this up because the last time it was so painfully long winded and just a t o n of unnecessary text on it so yeah time for change.

I'm a full time student so my reply time can be a little all over the place. My time zone is GMT +1 but my sleep schedule is all messed up so I’m going to be on at weird hours anyway. My motivation to actually write can also dip so patient. Please don't bump me about it as this is gets me even more anxious about n’ it'll probably only end in me avoiding it more. Just let me do my thing and you do yours.

Any Pronouns! I don't really care much about the whole gender thing within my own identity but by all means if there are specific pronouns you like just let me know.

Current Availability: Trying to get old replies out so not currently looking for RP.

I am incredibly black and white. If I don't like something (or alternatively love something) you're gonna hear about it. I expect the same from others. Call Me Out If I Do Something You Don't Like! I can guarantee it's unintentional but all the same I'd rather know so I can put it right. I'm not one to take offence. If an RP isn't working that's A-okay!

One liners are a no no and I seriously struggle with single paragraphs. I understand that grammatical errors are something that happen so I'm not really one to fuss over things like that. Nevertheless if I’m struggling to get anything out of a reply, I’m not going to put as much effort in myself. You get what you give kind of deal.

I can do most genres but struggle with Sci-Fi and High Fantasy. Prefer LGBTQ+ just because I am apart of that community and all that jazz.

I Don't RP With Minors.
Don't ask. It's a no.
My RP can get dark. Most of my characters have been through it. Their backgrounds are usually foul. The majority of my characters are also garbage people. \: If that isn't your thing, you're not in the right place.

I do have female characters I stg they are just unfinished.

Profiles are always unfinished. I’m so lazy I’m sorry lmao.

Uhhhhhh I primarily RP on here, but I do have a disc.
No Random Friend Requests Please.

It gives me anxiety
Fresno Nightcrawler
I also really like cryptids! :3 These guys are like trad ghosts with legs and I love them

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