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Tiufel either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

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The most roleplays I've had with one person and they all make my heart skip a beat!!! All of theses ladies are unique creations. And the lady behind them is just as much of a gem. I don't call her Kandie for nothing. Sweet as a peach. <3 - Silovit
Ah what can I say about this lady that hasn't already been said a zillion times already? I've known her a hella of a long time and we've grown quite close over the years. She's irreplaceable, as she should be for anyone who has the chance to make it so! Approach her, bug her, she's warmer than a fresh cookie and far sweeter, always willing to give anyone the time of day. Roleplay, art, she's got the talent and the greatness and I've seen it! <3 - Ventlurker

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    Tiufel earned 115 points during Epic Week 2020, did 662 damage, Doubutted a weapon to those on the front lines and went exploring 14 times!(About 1 month 2 days ago)
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    What to say about Mina? She is hands down the best friend I've ever had. We may not talk as frequently as I like because I'm painfully forgetful but she has this way of writing and weaving intricate webs for her characters. Whenever we do catch up it's like we never stopped talking. Great friend, great wife, I'm so very happy she's in my life. :D Wonderful writer Long-term partner
    (About 1 month 1 week ago)