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Tiufel either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

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Kandice has impressed me time and again with her kindness and her selfless dedication to others. She's a sweet person who always goes out of her way to help other people, and she's always willing to RP. Even though her characters aren't listed, I can say she has some pretty cool ones. Definitely hit her up for some RP! - Auberon
As I have said to you and will say again publically. Kandi, you have an amazing heart. One that should be treasured and treated right, but sometimes people just don't know how to. I'm sorry I've failed sometimes too in that regard. But I do try. She is a good role player and a loyal one at that. Something rare to find truthfully, as well as consistent. Never leave me dear Kandi, always roleplay with me. I'm afraid if I didn't have our roleplays, I'd go insane with the wait from others. - Michonne

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  • Tiufel gave Cami kudos:
    This is my wife. We fight more often than not. What couple doesn't? We really aren't married. Ahem. She's my very best friend and one of the most creative people I know. Her characters either make you scratch your head or wanting to more. Hands down one of the best people to weave some stories and is rather easy to talk to when she isn't busy being an adult. Wonderful writer Long-term partner
    (About 1 month 2 weeks ago)
  • konnie gave Tiufel kudos:
    We might not be RPing as much as either of us want, which is very much my fault as my muse seemed to jump ship for a bit, but this wonderful woman has always been there to cheerlead me back into things, lifting me up when I needed it with just sheer enthusiasm. Always willing to listen, remembers more than she lets on, I wish I could be a better friend to her. Roleplay with her for my sake! Kind and understanding Long-term partner
    (About 1 month 2 weeks ago)
  • Tiufel gave Coheed kudos!
    "Two qualities and 500 words is not nearly enough to praise him. We've been friends for ages even if there has been a gap in our interactions. My recent return has been rewarding, it's hard to find someone who is willing to listen to one's frustrations and humor the darker side of rp. He's a joy to write with and I'm very glad he's been willing to amuse my overtop antics on my reaper. Kind and understanding Creative ideas"
    Tiufel also gave kudos to Mars.(About 1 month 2 weeks ago)
  • Mars gave Tiufel kudos:
    Since my return to the community, Tiufel has been social and interactive, reaching out and introducing me to new players and roleplay alike. I may not be as immersed as I am today without her eager introduction of my oc to others. I have Tiufel to thank for all my new connections and the joy I share with others that I might have otherwise been too shy to begin on my own. With that said, Tiufel is very proactive and always up for new plots and ideas! Helpful Drives the plot forward
    (About 1 month 2 weeks ago)