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Hey there! I am Torag1000. Torag will work as well. I am currently an artist working as a full-time Wide Format Operator in a printing company, but currently taking online lessons in 3D animation. Hoping to get a job in the video game industry via learning how to use Maya and animate 3D objects with it.

I like to think of myself as an approachable guy and I like talking to people online. I like the banter that happens in OOC. Makes me and my partner not really the faceless anonymous people online, and helps me get to know them better. That and their viewpoints in roleplaying and real life at times gives me ideas of what to do and use for making characters at times.

My writing style tends to focus on moving the plot along. I still describe things as best as I can to set up the scene, the background, and the world, to give that imagination of the world to my partner. But once it has been described, I move the plot along until I need to describe something again. I don’t like wasting time. I do some exposition if needed on some lore or building something up, or adding a character’s thoughts and whatnot, but I prefer the method of ‘show than tell’ approach. So, yeah, sorry if I’m not a literary master. You and I are not exactly free like in the old days.

At the end of it, my style becomes adaptable if need be. I will still try to match your style, but I will not go around describing every irrelevant thing that has no relevance to the scene or story, unless it’s a worldbuilding thing that needs to be done.

In the beginning when doing an introduction, I tend to do 5-8 paragraphs to set up the world and the scene. But after, I trickle down to from some sentences to 1-2 paragraphs, or 3-4 at most if I need to push it to the limit. Dialogue will often be a paragraph or some lines at the minimum. Having two pieces of dialogue at once to respond to each response separately can sometimes be… jarring and incoherent.

I post whenever I can, or often, when I have the feeling for it, but I try to post in at least within a day or a week. Just give me a message to remind me if you haven’t seen me post in a month. Sometimes I don’t remember or ghost unintentionally. Sorry about that.

I have a prebuilt world but I often never use it because it’s often used as reference and unseen mentionings of an isolated world that my characters hail from. That and it’s a world I created specifically for a story I’m making. The RPs I do here mostly help me get an idea of how to write my story or write tales similar to RPs I’ve done and to possibly finish it on my own if my partner loses interest. So, I mostly like to build worlds outside my prebuilt world from scratch. I've somewhat gotten good at it. That and it gives my partner a way in to help me worldbuild and their characters into said world. I like collaborating with my partners and giving them chances to make themselves enjoy our RPs together. RPs are supposed to be fun, yeah?

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