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Heya! My name is Charlie, Char for short and of course as most others here I’m a role-player! I am thirteen, and do want everyone to be comfortable when RPing with me. So, keep that in mind if something comes up or you would like to talk about something.

A fun fact about me, is that I age regress quite frequently, so catch me being one of your friends and I may be comfortable enough to really show that part of me.

My RP style is 1+ paragraphs, past tense most of the time and 3rd person. I don’t really feel comfortable doing 1st person. Please don’t RP with me if you aren’t going to give me anything to work with or only one line.

I’m friendly! So don’t be shy if you wanna chat. I’m also in EST time, so when I’m online may not be when you are, but we’ll make it work!

I’m alright with triggering subjects; but please discuss with me if you would like it in the RP, as at that time I may be unable to do that.

Since I’ve been really spotty on replying, here’s an explanation on why I have been, and why I will be continuing to;

I do have many mental health issues, along with schooling. Most of the week I’m either in therapy, or working on school. Which leaves me exhausted. I do, and will continue to try my best to respond to everyone, and try and keep motivated.

Mental Health issues I have, and ones that may affect my RPing life;

Depression (I’ll have no motivation, intrusive thoughts, etc)

ADHD (I’ll end up getting distracted, or dissociating and forget what I was doing. It happens quite often.)

Anxiety (More Intrusive thoughts, or just constant panic attacks)

OCD (More intrusive ass thoughts)

Anger Issues (But I would never snap at anyone unless I have a PERFECT reason to)

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