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Name: Clayne
Gender right now: transmasc
Sexuality: nblw & nblm (questioning still)
Pronouns: xey/they/fee
Languages: English is my first/only language. I'm learning Japanese but I'm not good at it.

YOU MUST USE TONE INDICATORS! I AM NOT GOOD WITH TONES AT ALL! (/s for sarcasm, /srs for serious, /j for joke, /lh for lighthearted, etc.)
I'm mostly using this site to keep in touch with a friend I don't see often. I will rp tho. I'm just not good. I try to be as welcoming as possible to LGBTQ ppl, POC, those with disabilities, & other minorities. If I hurt/offend you, let me know. Hurting minorities is the last thing I'd want to do.

role play info & warnings

I'm not that good & can only rp in a very specific way.
There's not much I won't do, but please give me a warning for things like gore; nsfw; rape; abuse; pedophilia; & anything to do with my phobias.
I will put a trigger warning for anything you say you need them for.
I swear a lot & make a lot of nsfw jokes.
If I don't like how we did a scene, dialog, etc., I'll want to redo it. You can also request to redo something if you didn't like it.
I can rp women, but I'm not good at that. I'd rather rp men or nonbinary characters.
I will not rp any characters from already existing books, tv shows, movies, etc. Only ocs & preferably made up worlds.
My conversations might be dry & my responses might be iffy. It's not you tho. It's just cuz I don't always know what to say.
I say queer a lot. I don't really consider it a slur, but even if it is, I can still reclaim it.
I love characters with mental/physical disabilities, but PLEASE do them correctly (research the disabilities & know how to rp them).
I have shit spelling. I often shorten words as well (tho instead of though, cuz instead of because, etc.).
I trauma dump a lot. I will put a warning & I won't do it if you aren't comfortable. I just have a lot of problems I like ranting about. I rant about my issues to cope.
I don't know the difference between feminine, masculine, & androgynous compliments. I use all compliments in a gender neutral way (even handsome & pretty).
I do 3rd person & past tense. The only time I do one liners is if it's back & forth dialog. My rp style is explaining what happens in the scene, actually rping it, talking about how we rped it, redoing if necessary, & going to the next scene. That helps me a lot when there's arguments, interruptions in the dialog, & setting the mood/getting into character.
I'm not the best at knowing what certain genres are. I know what fantasy, si-fi, romance, & a few others are. Just don't be surprised if I ask you to explain when you bring up genres. This includes music, art, books, etc., not just rp.


Music. Mostly rock, alternative, pop punk, etc. I like Fall Out Boy, Starset, Skillet (older stuff), Ariana Grande, Melanie Martinez, Kpop (Dreamcatcher mainly), & Utau/Vocaloid. Give me music recommendations!
Art. I draw sometimes.
BadBoyHalo (hyperfixation). I'm not into other mcyts much. I won't rp mcyt/dsmp.
Warrior Cats. I might rp it, but it has to be ocs. It's been a while since I read the books, but I plan on reading them again.
Age regression. I want to do it, but I don't have a care giver & I don't feel safe doing it.
Romance. I'm a sucker for a good love story. Teenage romance is fine as well. No more than 1-2 year age gaps with teens. Larger age gaps with adults is fine, but not too much.
Fantasy, medieval, si-fi, etc. I can rp real life, but I'd prefer not to.
Animals. Cats & fantasy animals are my favorite, but I love all animals.
I like My Little Pony. I need to rewatch it cuz it's been a while, but I really like it. This Day Aria has no right to be that good for a kids show.
I'm also a furry. At least I want to be. Not sure if I can rp as animals, but I can try.
Pirates! I love pirates. I love rping them too. I'm not good at that but I will try my best.
Paganism. I might convert to that (still thinking about it tho). I like learning about different religions as well.
Mythology. I love learning about it. It's so interesting.
Angst. I love making the characters argue or have major fights/disagreements. It adds a bit of spice to the story & relationships. It also helps build character. I love a good argument & then working it out.
Characters with major flaws. I love making the flaws actually affect the character & cause angst. I love the character development that comes with characters working out their flaws.


Zodiac signs & almost everything about them. It's fine if you like them or have them in your bio, but please do not talk about them a lot with me.
Mary/Gary sues or any over powered characters. Powerful is fine, but it has to be within reason.
Disrespecting neopronouns. English not being your first language, having certain disabilities that make it hard to say/understand them, or just being new the whole concept are all valid reasons to not be good at using them, but please let me know so I don't think that you're just an asshole.
Rape, anything not consensual, pedophilia, & abuse of any kind. My characters will never do those things & I won't rp if you're characters do those things. (Talking about it, characters with trauma about it, & characters going through it is all fine, just put a warning.)
Creepypasta. I don't hate it. It doesn't scare me much. I'm just not interested in it.
Politics. I can debate it, but just know I hate almost all politicians (especially American).
I don't want real life issues/oppression in the rp. (there can be exceptions)
If your religious views hurt people or contribute to the oppression of a minority, then I do not respect your religious views.

phobias & struggles/disabilities

Derealization (very mild)
Depersonalization (very mild)
Anxiety (mild)
I get overwhelmed easily.

I'll probably update bio often. I'm new to this site & very indecisive about phrasing, layout, etc.

Don't be pushy with responses. If I don't reply, it's cuz I'm busy, asleep, or not home/anywhere I can be online. I will respond when I get the chance. I normally respond pretty quickly, but if idk what to say or I'm distracted, I might be kinda slow.

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