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I wanted to send out an apology to all my Roleplay partners, I am sorry for how slow I have been to respond, but wanted to let you all know I am not disappearing or ghosting anyone. Life has just gotten really busy with all the craziness in the world right now, and with stress I have found it hard to sit down and write much. I hope to be back at writing in a more normal capacity soon, all of you and the RP is greatly missed, I hope my head gets put back on strait soon. :D Miss Y'all!

A quick what's what. I have been role playing in a free form chat and forum based when I was in high school. Since then have found a multitude of places that have been a great role playing outlet. Although these days they are becoming far and few between with decent quality. So I am here!

I am up for all sorts of role play although prefer partners that are 18+ not that all my role play would require it, but it's likely enough.

I prefer writing in a short paragraph to multi- paragraph based on platform used to RP. If using a platform with quicker response time like a chat I would be okay with shorter responses.

I have few characters listed here now, however I have a ton from the past in my noggin. Yet I tend to prefer to create characters that fit a RP niche using a model of one of my older personas

If you are interested in RP or have any questions I am PM friendly.

Rave Reviews

I remember the days when we were writing non stop! :D I do miss those days, but we both have been hit with responsibilities at the same time, but that doesn't change the fact how good the roleplay was and how much fun we had. It was an experience that one doesn't forget easily and I hope we'll have a chance to get back to it again! - Queen_of_Hell
Try was suggested to me by a friend and I couldn't be more pleased. His writing is sublime, story building is phenomenal, and I adore his character Einar! I have absolutely loved our writing and his kindness seems to have no bounds to it. He is worth every ounce of your patience, because his replies are always worth any wait period. He's been incredible! - Hadeslicious

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