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  • Gender: Male

I am back! Or trying to be back and active again, at least until may/June when I will be moving, if anyone is interested in RP don't be afraid to send a PM.

A quick what's what. I have been role playing in a free form chat and forum based when I was in high school. Since then have found a multitude of places that have been a great role playing outlet. Although these days they are becoming far and few between with decent quality. So I am here!

I am up for all sorts of role play although prefer partners that are 18+ not that all my role play would require it, but it's likely enough.

I prefer writing in a short paragraph to multi- paragraph based on platform used to RP. If using a platform with quicker response time like a chat I would be okay with shorter responses.

I have few characters listed here now, however I have a ton from the past in my noggin. Yet I tend to prefer to create characters that fit a RP niche using a model of one of my older personas

If you are interested in RP or have any questions I am PM friendly.

Rave Reviews

  • This man is creative beyond belief. His detail in writing makes everything comes alive and I keep dying for each post, I’m always on the edge of my seat!

    Not only that—he is kind as well! Understanding when you can’t get a post in or when your posts are...
    -- Nivela
  • Troy and I have been RPing since close to the beginning of this year and I have enjoyed every bit of it. His writing is very well written and his character "Rezso" bonds well with "Everleigh"... He has given me the chance to explore and keep exploring my character...
    -- AmongstTheStars

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