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Hi! I promise I didn't fall off of the world or anything and I'll probably get to you at some point. Also, I have a real life so don't feel bad when I don't respond right then. I will get to you at some point.Also, at the moment I am trying to cut down on phone time, so if I only respond once or twice it isn't your fault, it's just that I'm trying to do other things too.

Alright on to the point of my profile: Me! So I'm a teenager and I quite often end up working with my dad. I enjoy reading,writing,roleplaying, and I would enjoy LARPing if I could find one nearby. Also, if I talk funny or my characters don't mind me. I come from the Appalachian mountain rangs, where the term " hillbilly" was coined, and my dad is the stereotypical hillbilly,between the missing teeth, cowboy hat ( is made of wool and kept the rain off nice.) and his duster( water proof and warm) he looks the part. And even worse, he acts it. Sure he is inttelegent, but he likes to play dumb. And he is always talking about how we're going to sick the dog on someone.

Rave Reviews

Need an awesome RP partner for your next plot? Well, look no further! For starters; Woo! I should've given him kudos sooner! He makes his characters feel real, and the details and personality traits about them are amazing. Down to the smallest quirk, downright magnificent! Not to mention the details in his writing!

*Crown of approval* Creative ideas Wonderful writer - KingOfDorks
Tugboattom is a great rp partner. I don't know why I didn't give him kudos earlier. He describes his characters amazingly and he's really understanding when I only write two sentences sometimes. He also replies pretty quickly depending if he's online or not. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - jfo7

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