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A big thank you to all my patrons who have gifted me items for additional character slots directly or via contests

- Justabitevil - Enchanted wardrobe (gift)
- LakotaSiouxWarrior - bacon (gift), 5 cloaks (purple, green, blue, purple, blue)
- Keke - bacon (gift)
- Somnom - Green Cloak (gift), Enchanted wardrobe, blue cloaks, bacon
- Claine - blue cloak
- The Hanged Man - blue cloak (gift)
- DorianM - Enchanted wardrobe and blue cloaks and a purple cloak
- Shadow-Ranger - bacon, purple cloak
- JoJoApples - red cloak (gift), enchanted mask, blue cloak
- Zelphir - cloak


Online location: mostly RPR

About me...

- I live in southern Europe
- I am an adult (well over 18!)
- Love listening to music (epic music, celtic music, movie soundtracks... for inspiration)
- English is not my native language
- I first joined the site on June 9th 2017

Availability: Limited


- 2 young daughters in my care
- 1 autistic partially-blind son
- 2 year old toddler
- ill disabled husband under my belt
- full time job to support the family
- full time studies
- diabetes among other ailments

It is a privilege spending time creating and writing amazing stories with you all and I am humbled at the great amount of support and friendly acquaintances that I have formed on this site already.

My writing style:

- Always: 3rd person, past tense narrative for the most part, except quoted conversations
- Variable post lengths
- Wide variety of characters
-Never: godmodding without prior OOC permission/discussion

As for RP...

Genre: my RP preferences are fantasy or historic settings (industrial revolution and earlier periods only)

- Medieval Fantasy: with lords, knights and similar (such as Robin Hood settings)
- Pirates
- Victorian based RPs
- Dungeons & Dragons/Forgotten Realms/Lord of the Rings style with: Rangers, rogues, elves...
- Mythologies and ancient civilizations
I do not RP slice of life, horror or modern day stuff.

Except when I join existing group RPs in the public forums... my RPs always take place via private groups hosted by me on this site only. I don't RP on discord, sorry.

Group RPs
The group remains in the hands of great moderators

Medieval Fantasy - Adult Only (18+ content)

Private - 1x1 Roleplays will also take place via private groups (not PMs)

I create a new group for each role player I write with to give fullest attention and ample possibilities to chat OOC and edit replies at any time.

The groups below are currently dormant...

Tus and SLS Roleplays
Tus and GG Roleplays
Tus and Raider Roleplays
Tus and Winter Roleplays
Tus and AdoreAngel Roleplays
Tus and SkyWolf Roleplays
Tus and StepIntoAnotherWorld

Public Forums - Fantasy



'Humble' Beginnings (closed)
Aftermath (medieval RP)
Summer Soiree: The King's Solstice Party
Summer Soiree: Entirely by accident (Closed)
A new home
The Jackdaw
For the Crown of Laurels (closed)
Of Ice and Snow (Closed)
The Storm (Closed)
The Hunt (Medieval Fantasy) (closed)
Masquerade (Closed)
A Warrior's Redemption (Closed)
The Mysterious Bandit (Closed)
The Mountains Old (Closed)
Reclamation of Aftbide (Open)
Eternal Midnight (Closed)
Radiance Engulfed (DM to Join)
Pirate Roleplay (inactive)
Tomb of Aamon (inactive)
Tales of Eros: the never ending sea(inactive)
Cold Mountain (Open!)(inactive)
The Rain's Song (SoR continuation - Open!)(inactive)
Vikings: Kill the dragon (inactive)
~Gods of the Arena & the Arena of the Gods ~(inactive)
Across the Sea(closed)(inactive)
Raid of Aftbide (inactive)
Swells of Rage (inactive)
Masquerade (inactive)
Ripples of Ebon (inactive)
Dragons' Breath (Closed)(inactive)
Mersoth the Great (part 1)(finished)
The Trials of Netharan (Mersoth sequel)
The Divide of Avaemor (Mersoth sequel)(inactive)
The Nightgate Inn (inactive)
Over the Seas and Far Away (inactive)
Once a God(inactive)
Arthurian themed - Quests (inactive)
Behind Stone Walls..(inactive)
~Beyond the Shadows~(inactive)

Last but not least... pleased to make your acquaintance...


Rave Reviews

One of the best storytellers I've come across!
Tus is full of incredible ideas for plots, characters, twists”” you name it! Will help you incorporate any character into any plot, and have it make perfect sense. A very friendly, kind person.
I absolutely love writing with her and you will, too. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Spiteful
Tusitala is a relatively new roleplayer. You wouldn't know it though, if you just spent some time writing with them! There's a dedication to their posts that you're not going to find in many others, as well as a unique sense of creativity that'll help enhance an rp at any point. Their characters are useful in fulfilling relevant roles without being irreproachable, capable of being serious one moment and silly the next. Tusitala is someone I'd always suggest to hit up for some rp! - iltheyn

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