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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 37

Online location: Discord: drop by to say hi!

Physical location: Somewhere in Europe...

"I first joined the site on June 9th 2017"

Availability: Limited due to ill health recovery

It is a privilege spending time creating and writing amazing stories with you all and I am humbled at the great amount of friends and acquaintances that I have formed on this site already.

About me...

- I live in southern Europe,
- I am an adult (well over 18!)
- Love listening to music (epic music, celtic music, movie soundtracks... for inspiration
- English is my 3rd language

As for RP...

My preferences are fantasy / historic settings

- Medieval with lords, knights and similar
- Pirates or similar
- Bandits, rangers, rogues, elves, thieves

Except when I join existing RPs in public forums..

My RPs take place via private group (not PM nor discord or other sites) which remains open and in the hands of great moderators

Medieval Fantasy - All ages

Medieval Fantasy RPs (16+ content)

Medieval Fantasy - Adult Only (18+ content)

Themed group RPs

Rangers of Andor

Tomes of Itara

1x1s will also take place via private groups (not PMs)

LOOKING FOR RP - general

Between good and evil

Accidental impersonation

Gods of the arena & the arena of gods

Price of friendship

Of gods and men

Cinderella... oh no!

Short RP - Ares and Xena

Child of fire

LOOKING FOR RP - Adult only

Cinderella ? Oh no!

The succubus and Haldor the thief

Ivory realm

Accidental impersonation

Of gods and men

The fine line between good and evil

Short RP - Ares and Xena




For the Crown of Laurels (closed)

Of Ice and Snow (Closed)

The Storm (Closed)

The Hunt (Medieval Fantasy) (closed)

Masquerade (Closed)

A Warrior's Redemption (Closed)

The Mysterious Bandit (Closed)

The Mountains Old (Closed)

Reclamation of Aftbide (Open)

Eternal Midnight (Closed)

Radiance Engulfed (DM to Join)

Pirate Roleplay (inactive)

Tomb of Aamon (inactive)

Tales of Eros: the never ending sea(inactive)

Cold Mountain (Open!)(inactive)

The Rain's Song (SoR continuation - Open!)(inactive)

Vikings: Kill the dragon (inactive)

~Gods of the Arena & the Arena of the Gods ~(inactive)

Across the Sea(closed)(inactive)

Raid of Aftbide (inactive)

Swells of Rage (inactive)

Masquerade (inactive)

Ripples of Ebon (inactive)

Dragons’ Breath (Closed)(inactive)

Mersoth the Great (part 1)(finished)

The Trials of Netharan (Mersoth sequel)

The Divide of Avaemor (Mersoth sequel)(inactive)

The Nightgate Inn (inactive)

Over the Seas and Far Away (inactive)

Once a God(inactive)

Lilithia Nightcare Service(inactive)

Arthurian themed - Quests (inactive)

Behind Stone Walls..(inactive)

~Beyond the Shadows~(inactive)


LKFRP - Dungeons and dragons


Trick or Treat: Eggman's Fun House (played by XenoFreak)

Trick or Treat: Vendors of the Trader's Hub (played by FreeJayFly)

Trick or Treat: Deal With The Devil (played by TheBlackDragon)

Trick or treat; Desir's haunted home (played by Orrik_Zynn_x2)

Trick or Treat: Billionaire clairvoyant Hex (played by Hikari_Yagaza)

Trick or Treat: Sad, Halloween-Hating Artist (played by psoliver)

Trick or Treat: Ara's Ship (played by Rook)

Trick or Treat: Nightmare HQ (played by TheNightmareSavage)

Trick or Treat: A Gamer’s Home (played by That1Gurly)

Trick or Treat: Ban's Night Palace (played by FlamingPsycho)


Trick or Treat: Evelyn Heidrich

Trick or Treat: The Dynamic Star Bar

Trick Or Treat: Malicious Toaster

Trick or Treat: Ash Taylor

Trick or Treat: Jalsinter's

Trick Or Treat: The Tower

Trick or Treat:🔥The Infernal Fire Station🔥

Trick or Treat: Sariel

Trick Or Treat: Maligno

Trick Or Treat - The Grande Vaalen Estate

Trick or Treat: Lupus Shadows

Trick or Treat: Aislin Treehouse

Last but not least... pleased to make your acquaintance...

Rave Reviews

  • What a fantastic story teller and weaver of tales! Tusitala is a treasure trove of good ideas that help drive a plot toward tension, conflict, and drama - All the best parts of any story! Tusitala’s plethora of characters, from villains to heroes, grand wizards...
    -- Juls
  • My rps with her always leave me wanting more! If anyone asked me to choose a favorite character of hers, I wouldn't be able to! There are times I crave interactions with a specific character, but I have never played with a character of hers that I don't love (or hate...
    -- Guardian_Girl

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