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"Let your mistakes not burden you,
But serve as guideposts on where not to travel."


relating to or denoting the period of twilight.

A girl in the middle of nowhere who loves fantasy, scarves, foxes and rabbits, technicolor hair, indie games, and bakes too much for her own good. Quiet and a little introverted, friendly to a fault once I warm up, but intolerant of drama or headgames. I've been actively roleplaying since I was 14 years old and while I've come a long way since the script-style days of yore, writing is something I can't picture myself without. Let's create some stories together.


lGkNk9B.png CST lGkNk9B.png INFP lGkNk9B.png PM Friendly lGkNk9B.png Professional Lurker lGkNk9B.png
lGkNk9B.png Sag-Cap Cusp lGkNk9B.png She/Her lGkNk9B.png


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Luna is an amazing creature. She is a kindred soul of mine, and I could spend hours talking to her, and often do. She has a brilliantly creative mind, beautiful characters, and is an all around wonderful person who I am lucky to call a friend. - Lai

Boethia is hands down one of the most darling people I've met on Furcadia. There's never be en a time where she hasn't been super sweet to me and over the years has indulged me and all my crazy ideas! She's got a kind soul and huge heart and her dedication to her characters and friends never fails to impress me. I don't bug this lovely lass too often, but it goes without saying that when I need a friend or shoulder to lean on, she's always there. <3 - Isnelx

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