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  • Gender: Transgender Female
  • Age: 33

Don't really have much to put here. I have nothing fantastical or exciting to say about myself. I can be somewhat cold to people, especially if I don't know them. Give me time to warm up I guess?

Rave Reviews

  • Probably one of the sweetest Rpers I know. Not only is she lovely to interact with daily in ooc (a fact I am blessed with), she also has a brilliant mind brimming with creativity. Her characters are always a delight to have in a scene, with their own specific quirks and outlooks.
    -- Pastelmonsters
  • An amazing woman with a heart of gold and one of my delicious indulgences! With a formidable brain and a heart so full of empathy it truly is a shame of you havent at least said hello to this sweet woman
    -- liquidchaos

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