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Hellos! For the sake of simplicity, you can refer to me as Tyro. I am a lover of videogames in general and a huge sucker for scifi RP.

I have essentially 2 still-growing lores: The first is based around 5 nations and a Terrorist Conglomerate. This lore involves a multitude of locations, but mostly a pure sense of massive scale. Creatures with abilities I'm sure you have never quite seen, and warships up to 35 miles long, except for a god with an equally godly scale of the size of a solar system. If you're interested, I'd always be happy to flood your DM's with lore xD. I've built it for roughly ten years, with a lot done but plenty more to do. (I still have yet to fully flesh out 4 of the other nations, as well as the creature library).

The second is based on a concept I got from a game called Sandship; it mainly follows a character named Chelsea, who has lived on a massive tracked landship for most of her life, until someone comes along, and they quickly reveal the truth behind her powers, the mystery surrounding it, and that someone intends to end her lifeline..

Generally I'm a nice person, but please don't send me your rando friend request before sending mail at least saying hi, or if you want to RP!


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