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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: January 03

Yo Ho!

I'm afraid I don't have much to tell about me, so just a few basic things about my RP-habits:

I have 5 characters (Currently two) which will gladly go with you on (mis)adventures, no matter if fantasy, sci-fi or other genres. They encountered all sorts of things in their quests across the universe, so they should fit in nicely in different kinds of RPs. :)
Just don't rely on them too much - they are space pirates after all and they have their own missions to complete for their superior. Which also means, that they can pose as antagonists. ;)

RPs I won't play:
-Romances (I'm not the romantic type and the only person you could pair your OCs with is Morgan - and then she's more occupied with getting the crew through the day, derping around and doing her job than thinking about relationships)

Also, the most important thing while playing with me: Don't push me, please.
I'm investing most time in crafting my posts and urging me to write faster will only cause frustration and posts with bad quality.
If I'm unable to play further, for example if Real Life strikes or my comp00ter suffers technical problems, then I will tell you. :)

Other then that... join me in my pirating ways with a good rum and ask, if you have questions. And please don't mind the smell of gunpowder. :D

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